16 July 2013

Envision Math & Common Core

I spent a good part of my day today attending a workshop.   Last year our state adopted the Common Core Standards.  Since this past year was our first year using Common Core we were considered to be in a transition year.  This coming school year we will be full Common Core.  I am really interested in seeing all the changes that take place.  From what we did last year, it was not that bad at all {every now and then a small bump in the road, but nothing to major}.   The parish I work in decided to adopt a new reading and math series that are Common Core aligned.  I am really glad about this because it will help on not having to pull all of the resources on your own.  The workshop I attended today was on the new math series.  The series that the parish adopted is called Envision Math.  From what I could see today it looked to be really good.   

This is some of the things I was able to see today.   Each teacher will receive a box that has 16 topics {manuals} in it.   What I really liked about this was that there is not a huge manual to lug around if you need to.  The other part was that all of the student handouts come in a packet {no more tearing pages for me} {insert a big smile here}.  Everyday the handout will have a starting point where you introduce the lesson with manipulatives.  While the kids are using manipulatives they are also engaging in a conversation about whatever the topic is being taught.   Also a bonus for me is that each child will have a bag with their manipulatives in it.   After the kids talk about what is going to be taught, then comes the teacher directed part.  Here you engage the class into a discussion using the visual pictures on the handouts.  And of course last they practice.  I also like that this series has assessments that you can do daily in a timely manner.  This will definitely come in handy to help me identify those kids who may not have caught on.  It will also help with my small group planning.   I am excited to see what all the new series has in store.  But as any good teacher knows sometimes you just have to bring in your own activities or lessons to get a skill taught.  Although I like having something to use as a main resource in my class, I also like to do my own fun activities and lessons.   So I will spend this coming up year figuring out where to tie all my personal activities into the new series.  If any of you have used this series or are currently using it, I would love to hear what you think about it.  If you have any tips that would be useful I would appreciate it.

On a different note ... Before the workshop I met up with an awesome group of ladies for lunch.   This is my second grade team I work with.  I love each one of them.  They are all great teachers.  We get along so well, and each of us has unique ideas to always bring to the table.   I could not ask for a better group of ladies to work with.   

As always thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!  I can't wait to hear from you if you have any advice for me on the new series. If you are not currently following me, I would ever be so happy to have you as new follower.  


  1. Jamie, I nominated you for the Liebster award. Go to my blog and check it out.
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  2. I have already been nominated, can you do it twice??? If so, I would be happy to fill it out for you.



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