04 July 2013

Favorite Things: A Festive 4th {BBQ Style}

I am linking up with Across the Hall in 2nd for their Favorite Things:  A Festive 4th {BBQ Style}.  I know that she decided to cancel this weeks link up.  But I was already ready to go.  So I am listing my favorite things you need to have "A Festive 4th".  I am really excited about this link up because every year on the Fourth my family and I all gather at my parents house which is on the lake.   We cook out, swim all day, and cruise around on the boat.  It is always a fun filled day of family fun.  So I put together a few of the things I know we have or do every year.

1.  The first thing on my list you need in order to have a festive Fourth of July BBQ is Patriotic decor. This includes everything from table wear, decoration, down to how you even dress.  My mom even has Fourth of July wreaths on her door.  I always make sure my kids have their Fourth of July clothes on with a matching pretty bow.  This year I even found a scraf at Charming Charlie's that I plan on wearing with my t-shirt. 

2.  The second thing you will need is American Flags. They make great decorations.  We always put them down the driveway, in our flower center pieces, we raise a huge American Flag on the boat dock, we even put one on the boat.  It is so awesome to see all the other boats with American Flags on the front of them as well.

3.  And of course what would a BBQ be without BBQ.  At my family's Fourth we always have slab of ribs on the grill along with burgers and hotdogs.   My mom usually makes a strawberry shortcake very similar to this one in the picture.  She also make her famous potato salad.  It is so delicious.  I even asked her for the recipe to put on my blog.  Her answer of course was a little of this a little of that {yes, she is one of those cooks}.  She said she couldn't tell me exactly how much of what she put in it because she taste as she goes.  But I promise you it is so yummy.

4. The fourth thing you need at a Fourth of July BBQ is fireworks.  My family and I usually end our Fourth with fireworks.   There is a small stand right up the road that we go and buy fireworks from.   The kids love sparklers and poppers.  All the Dads go and light up the big stuff and the kids get so excited.   There is also a church about 5 minutes away that does a wonderful firework display and my parents home is in the perfect location.  The church has such a huge display that we can see it from the boat dock of their house.  What a perfect ending to a fun and yummy filled day.    

So there you have it my list of things that you will need at a "Festive Fourth BBQ"!  I hope you and your family have a HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!!!!

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