14 July 2013

Someone New Sunday

I want to say thanks to Marie at The Hands-On Teacher for selecting me to be featured as her Someone New Sunday.

Every Sunday she list a new and upcoming blogger.   This is my lucky week, because she picked me.  She asked me several questions about teaching and a few on personal stuff.  Click on the link above to check out my answers.  Her idea is great because it gives you a chance to meet new bloggers.   

I also wanted to say thanks to everyone who is following me.  When I started this I was thinking if I could just get maybe 25 followers by the end of summer I would be doing great.  Well, I am happy to report I have exceeded that amount.  I am up to 46 followers.  But more importantly I have meet some really great teachers out there who have fabulous ideas.   I can't wait to meet more!!!  Thanks for taking a peek and I look forward to hearing from you.  


  1. Found your blog highlighted over at The Hands on Teacher:) I am your newest follower!

    The Resourceful Apple

  2. Thank you so much!!!!! I am on my way to check your blog out and follow you!!!


  3. I love your blog. It is too cute. How cool you were featured on someone else blog! Don't forget to add a bloglovin button to get more followers since there is no Google Reader.

  4. Oops found your Bloglovin button:/

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks so much for stopping by - I wrote to you earlier that I love your title of your blog!



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