03 July 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday - Linky Party

I am linking up with Covered In Glitter and Glue for their Wednesday Linky Party!

1.  The first thing I am lovin' this summer is getting to stay up later and sleep in longer.   All school year long us teachers have to get up so early and a lot of times we stay up late, but still get up early.  I am lovin' getting to sleep in late and have my girls come jump in the bed with me in the morning and snuggle up without having to rush to hurry and get dress.

2.  The second thing I am lovin' this summer is all our water activities we have been doing.  I live in Louisiana where when you step out the door you start to melt.    So summer is a perfect time to swim or stay on the lake.   If we are not at the pool then we are on the lake.   A girl has to do anything to keep cool - right?

3.  The third thing I am lovin' this Wednesday is that my small little garden is producing some BIG tomatoes.   I went outside last night and had a slew of tomatoes that were ready to be picked.  I love eating fresh vegetables from a garden.  This is my second year to have a garden.  Last years did not turn out so well.  I am so happy that this year I am doing much better.  Maybe next year I will make my garden a little bit bigger!

Thanks for taking a peek!  I can't wait to hear about your Wednesday Lovin'.  Come follow me on Bloglovin'!!!!!


  1. Glad I found you on the What Im Loving Wednesday linky party! Good luck staying cooll this summer! You should link your blog by state over at Fifth in the Middle, and link it by grade over at Caffeine and Lesson Plans.
    Rock Stars At Work

  2. Hey there-
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Missouri is super hot also although this week it has only been in the 80's which is wonderful.
    I'm a sun lover and have been spending tons of time at the pool and Oceans of Fun (a water park in KCMO).
    You guys look like you are having a lot of fun! :)

  3. Thanks for linking up!

    Those tomatoes look delicious! This is also my second year with a garden and it's much better this year than last. I look forward to seeing what happens next year!

    Covered in Glitter and Glue

  4. I totally agree with not having to get up early! And it gets hot here, but we just head on out to the beach. Following you now, love if you would check out my blog.

  5. I love staying up late too. How did you make your watermark? Please tell your secrets.
    LOVE it

  6. Thanks for all the sweet comments. I emailed each of you a reply. You are so sweet to stop by and take a peek!!!!!


  7. Hi Jamie, I'm Jamie! haha. It looks like you are having a great time on the lake. It has rained here so much lately that I haven't hardly got to be outside at all in the past week. Your tomatoes look great. I just picked some cucumbers and zucchini myself.

    Sixth Grade Tales
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