31 July 2013

When Do You Go Back?

I am linking up with Jessica over at Literacy Spark for a quick linky on:  When do you go back to school?  Oh, how I love my summer and it is quickly drawing to an end!!!

I officially return on Monday, August 5th.   Teachers will have 3 days of inservice before the students return.   The students are set to return on August 8th.   My school will also have a Meet the Teacher Night on Tuesday!  So for me it will be the final push trying to get everything finished up!   I swear it seems like we go back a little earlier each year.  Link up and let us know when you start back.  Thanks for taking a peek!


  1. Thanks for linking up! Why don't admins get that no one wants to have inservice at the start of the year?! We have SEVEN days Good luck!

    Literacy Spark

  2. Usually it is the same thing every year too!!! Thanks for stopping by!



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