29 August 2013

A Day in the Life of A Teacher

I am linking up with First Grade Nest for A Day in the Life of a Teacher.  So sit back and get ready to check out my busy day.

Rise and shine at 6:00 and get these two and myself ready for the day.  My husband leaves for work at 5:30, so it is just these two and I in the morning.  I am lucky that they are pretty self reliant and can dress themselves.  I just make sure hair looks cute and teeth are brushed extra good. I iron all our clothes on the weekend so that is one less thing we worry about during the week.

In between getting dress, I throw on a load of laundry and pay a few bills.  I was trying to make sure they made it in the mailbox this morning.  I know what your thinking - she still mails her bills.  Yes, I do.  I haven't totally switched over to internet paying yet.

A quick breakfast for champions.  This morning instant oatmeal.  Some mornings it is just a cereal bar or a piece a fruit.  Always something quick.

Here we go down to the end of our drive way to catch the school bus.  The girls do not attend my school.  They attend their neighborhood school.   All the neighboring kiddos catch the bus in our driveway too {it can make for an interesting morning on somedays}!

After the girls are on the bus, I am off to my school.  My school is actually only about 10 or so miles from my house.  But where we live is so populated with subdivisions everywhere {And steadily popping up new ones.  I am amazed how fast this area has grown in the past 5 years}, that we actually have 3-4 elementary schools that serve our surrounding area.  Even though my school is not that far from my house, it is a traffic jam every morning.  Thank goodness for XM Satellite Radio.  This morning was serving up Cyndi Lauper and Bruno Mars.

Once I arrive to school {only a few minutes before the kids, due to traffic and getting my own two on the bus} I get morning work ready to go!

After morning work we had to finish up our last few kiddos who were left for DIBEL testing.  Does your school use DIBELS as a way to measure performance throughout the year?

Now, on to math.  We played a quick review game covering double digit addition.  The kids had a blast playing this game.  After we played the game then we worked on doubles plus 1 addition.

By 9:30 it is time for enrichment.  Today we went to P.E. and Music.   It is my week to help the P.E. teacher.  Because of our school count being high we have to rotate in and help the P.E. teacher.   If we did not do this then the kids would not be able to have P.E. everyday.  We send two - three classes at a time with the P.E. teacher and a regular teacher.

After enrichment and lunch we are back in the room and ready for Reading.   We also worked on our writing skills today.  We were finishing up a paragraph that we had started on two days ago.  I hate when lessons sometimes have to carry over due to time issues or other interferences.

Paragraphs are finished and turned in.  Now on to a vocabulary activity and little Social Living.

Yippee, it is 3:00 and this gal is tired.  Time to go home - no staying after work for me on Thursdays because my youngest has to be at dance by 4:00 {no rest for the weary}.  By the time I get all my class on the bus and sit through traffic, I am pushing it to make it to her dance class by 4:00.  Lucky for me everything we need or do is in a close driving range.  Also the hubs is home by now and he can get our two off the bus.  He usually has Gracie dressed and ready to go for me.

Made it on time.  Ready for dance at 4:00.  I will be back here tomorrow for my oldest.  She has practice on Friday afternoons.  While the youngest is in dance, the oldest and I do fourth grade homework {can you say multitasker - yep that is me}.  One down one to go.

After dance we run up the road really quick because we are out of milk and need lettuce for tonight's dinner.  Luckily Brookshires is only 10 minutes up the road.

A quick dinner tonight.  Taco salad {a kid favorite in our house}!  After dinner, the youngest and I study first grade homework.

On to baths - everyone is all squeaky clean and ready to get settle down.  Bed time is near.  The kids go  to bed usually between 8:00-8:30.  During the school week I am shortly behind them.  I am usually in bed and asleep by 9:00-9:30!

Wow, when you type it all out it makes for a long day.   I know that a majority of households are like mine everyday.  Sometimes I don't know how we keep truckin', but we do.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek.  I can't wait to read about your day.  I love comments so feel free to leave one!  Follow me on bloglovin so you can stay up to date on all my posts.   


  1. Wow, your day made me tired! LOL! Kidding...my day is just as busy!!
    A Tall Drink of Water

    1. I know right - Once I wrote it all out I started thinking, how did I squeeze it all in. I guess you just figure out a way, right!!! Thanks for stopping by!



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