01 August 2013

Favorite Things Back to School {Teacher} Linky Party

Before  I get to the link up, I wanted to a let all my wonderful followers know that I added a new digital paper set to my TpT store.  It is a Halloween collection and if I do say so myself - I think it turned out pretty darn cute.   It is never to early to start planning you projects for October.  Be sure to stop by and check it out.  Also be sure to follow me on TpT - you never know when something new may be added!!!  Now on to the linky party!

I am linking up with Across the Hall in 2nd for her Favorite Things Linky Party.  This weeks topic is: Favorite Things for Back to School for Teachers.  The list hear could be endless.  But for the sake of your eyes {I didn't want you to have endless reading material} I cut my list to a few of my favorite things to get the year rolling.

My first favorite thing to have/use is Mr. Sketcher Markers.  I just love these markers so much.  Whenever I use them they make me happy.  I know that sounds silly {don't judge} but they do!  I think they remind me of my days in elementary school.  Plus they smell awesome!!!!!

The second thing on my list is Duck Tape.  I know this is probably a strange thing to put on a favorite list.  But I seriously use this tape all the time.  I used it last week to tape down all the computer cords in my classroom.  I will use it to tape my name tags to the kids desk.  I use it to stick just about anything that needs stickin'!  Plus Duck Tape has a ton of colors to choose from.  I just use black, because it blends in with my color scheme.  See even my tape has to match my room.  Choosing my favorite tape was a toss up because I also love Mavalus tape as well.

My next favorite thing is storage.  I literally don't think I could survive if I did not have storage {picking up any OCD tendencies here}!  I have a place for everything in my classroom.  Most of my storage baskets resemble the one in the picture.  I picked them up last year from Target and they are still holding on strong.  Of course I jazz them up with ribbons and labels.   What good is a storage container if it is not cute?????

Up next on my list is Sharpie markers.  I love Mr. Sketcher for drawing, grading papers, or crafting with but I use Sharpies to label things.  I truly believe a black sharpie can be a teacher's best friend.

The last thing on my list is really just for me!  Every year I notice I pick myself up a few new items to add to my closet.  I guess I think I need back to school clothes too!  One of my favorite places to shop is Talbots.  I just went the other day and they were having a sale, plus it was my birthday this month {another 15% off}, and with a teacher discount {another 15% off} I felt like I made out like a bandit.  Can I get a Whoop - Whoop??  If you did not know this Talbots always gives a 15% discount to teachers.  This is not my only favorite place to shop, but I would definitely rank it in the top 3.

My list could go on and on!  Like my favorite grade book {yes, I still keep a paper copy too - call me old school}, boarders use in my class, labels, and etc...  But I will just leave you with a few of my favorite things that have definitely been getting used lately.  Link up - I would love to hear about your favorite things.  Thanks for taking a peek!


  1. I can completely relate to your list - I'm obsessed with Mr.Sketch markers & Sharpies. & I'm a believer that you can never have too many storage bins/baskets!

    Live Laugh & Learn in Second Grade

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by!



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