16 September 2013

Back to School Night

It is official - school is in full swing.   Tonight my school is having Back to School Night.   We have Meet the Teacher Night before school starts, then always about a month in we have Back to School Night.   I think I am already to go.   I have typed up my letter and have all my information stapled together.  I have treats on the desk for parents.  It is a really cute poem tied to a bag with yummy cookies.  When the parents arrive I will have my powerpoint ready to go.  I use this to help me remember to talk about all the important points I want to make.   It really helps me because I get so nervous speaking in front of a room full of adult.  Isn't it funny how we can speak all day in front of a class full of kids, but as soon as a room fills up with adults we get nervous?  The pictures below show the slides I will be using in my powerpoint.   I hope everything goes well.  I am off to freshen up my makeup and get ready to greet my parents.

This is the poem that is attached to the bag of cookies.  I tie it on with cute ribbon that matches my room of course!!!
These are the slides I will use tonight that will help me get through my Back to School Night "speech"!!!




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