13 September 2013

Five for Friday

Here's a look at my "Five for Friday"!!!

This week our story was a drama titled, "The Strongest One".  So our writing assignment this week  was for the class to group up in groups of four and write their own short play.  I had hoped we would be ready to present to one another by today, but no such luck.  Time is not on my side.   Plus the class was so into this writing assignment I had several of them tell me they need a few more days to adjust their writing and practice their lines.  In case your wondering we are grouped by ability at my school and this year I have one of the higher groups.  Most of the kids in my class this year are able to do this assignment.  My principal asked if you have a higher group, then try to come up with assignments or projects that makes them go above their ability level.   I have had the lowest of low in the past and I am not sure that they could have done this activity, especially this early in the year.  This is my schools third year grouping by ability.   I have had a different level each year.  So from year to year I am adjusting lessons.

We had a visit from Sophie's Ice Truck as a fundraiser for school.  Who doesn't love Italian ice?

We played a few math games to help with our subtraction strategies.

In spelling/phonics we worked on words with inflected endings -s, -ed, & -ing.

To finish my week off the hubs treated the girls and I to one of my favorite local restaurants for one of my favorite meals - fried catfish.  What a way to end the week!!!

Thanks for taking a peek!!!


  1. Fried Catfish is the BOMB-DIGITY!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the heads up. I'm your newest follower! Teaching with Giggles

  2. Looks like you had a great week. Writing a play sounds fun. I need something to motivate the little writers in the class.

  3. Is it bad that I read your last 2 blog posts and there was some really great stuff in there but I am fixated on the fried cat fish! YUM!


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