19 September 2013

PLC Kinda' Wednesday & A PLC Freebie

PLC kinda' Wednesday coming to you on a Thursday!!  Does your school or team have weekly or frequently PLC meeting?   My school started PLC meetings last year.  What you might ask is a PLC exactly?   Well, PLC stand for Professional Learning Community.   At my school we have a block set aside just for grade levels to meet and have a PLC meeting.  We have a PLC meeting every Wednesday.   Most of the meeting is meant to discuss data on different students.   With all of the data we collect the discussions you could have are endless.  For example this past week we talked and compared our class DIBEL scores and we looked at our grade level overall score.   Each week when we have a PLC meeting we are expected to produce an agenda.  This a premade form that my second grade team came up with.  It list a variety of topics that we talk about on a regular basis.   The agenda then has to be turned in to my principal.  We still have to produce an agenda even if the principal or other administrators sit in on our PLC {which does happen frequently}.  Below is a copy of the agenda we have to turn in.   We also keep a copy for us {we all know how papers can sometime magically disappear}!!!

Sometimes it feels like we are repeating the same stuff each week.  However, I do find PLC's beneficial.    We can learn a lot about a child by studying data.   I know that a lot of the surrounding schools in our areas have PLC's, but they only meet every other week.   Does your school have PLC meetings and if so how often?   What are some topics that you discuss?   

Click on the form below to download a free blank copy of our Agenda.  Feel free to use it at your next PLC meeting or take it and change it up to fit your needs.   

I would love to hear your comments about PLC's and share any information that you think you be beneficial.  As always thanks for stopping by!!  I can't wait to hear from you.

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  1. We have PLCs weekly during planning for our grade level and also once a month after school. k-2 and 3-5. Love the form


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