25 September 2013

Student Reflection Sheet Freebie

Before I get to the student reflection/self assessment.  I wanted to let all my sweet followers know that I finally finished a packet that I have been working so hard on.  It is a set of 5 Halloween Themed Literacy Centers.   It turned out so much better than I ever could have expected and I can't wait to use it in my small group setting.  There are 5 different activities that can be used either as and individual lesson or small group lesson.  Inside the set there is several games to play.  Up first is Spooky ABC Sort.  Next, is Going Batty for Contractions.  Third is Frankie's Fact or Opinion.  Fourth is Dracula's Noun or Adjective Sort.  Last, is A Pumpkin Patch of Synonyms/Antonyms.   I have also included 2 Halloween themed writing prompts.   Be sure to check out.  I don't think you will be disappointed.  Below is a picture of a few things that are included!


Now on to student self reflection!!!  I posted the other day about the standards on which a teacher is evaluated in Louisiana.  To read the post click here.   Well today I am going to share with you one of the things I am doing this year that is new.

One component {a big component} that a teacher gets evaluated on is whether or not a student is actively engaging in their own self assessment.  Now I know that we all do this on some sort of level whether you realize it or not.  But with all the new evaluations we now have to show proof.  

One way I came up with to allow the student to make self assessments  was to send a reflection sheet home with signed papers.  Before when I would send sign papers home I would attach a small note that asked parent to go over their child's papers and to sign and return.   Now when I send sign papers home weekly I have not only the parent to sign, but the child as well.  Then I have two small sections at the bottom for the child to make self assessments or reflections.  They have to list one thing they did really well on and one thing they can improve on.  

This has actually worked out better than I thought.   At first I was thinking one more thing to do, but I have really seen some great responses {and a few funny ones too - check the picture out at the bottom}!!!

If you would like you may visit my TpT shop and download the reflection/self assessment sheet for free.  You can use it as is or take it and use it as a guide to make your own reflection sheet up.   

I plan to put up another self assessment method that a friend of my is using in her class.  So stay tuned for another freebie!!!

This is the funny response I mentioned earlier.  I even put this in my Five for Friday post.  Every time I read it I smile.  I love when they are confident, and BAM I will leave you with that note!!!

As always thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!!  I can't wait to hear your comments {I heart comments and followers}!!!!



  1. Nice. I have reflection sheets for artwork for the older grades, but this is something that I could help the little ones fit in. Thanks for sharing!!
    ~ Kristin

    1. What does your reflection sheet ask the students to do on artwork? Thanks for stopping by!!!



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