29 October 2013

Witches Brew

If you are looking for a fun activity to do with your class, I recommend you check out this mini unit from What the Teacher Wants.  It is totally free and the kids love it.   I have done this activity for the past two years.  I know it may be a little late in the game, but you could always save it for next year.  Below are a few pics of my class papers.  They had a blast doing this activity.  Plus it makes for a yummy treat!

As always thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!!  I {heart} comments and followers!!


28 October 2013

Fall Carnivals, Halloween Blogger Exchange, & Vegas … Oh My

I am still here …  I promise.  I think this is probably the longest I have gone since I started this little blog of mine without posting.  The month of October gets me good every year.   Between my school carnival, my girls school carnival, church carnivals, parties, red ribbon week, field trip, fire safety etc…  I am completely pooped.  So here is a little update on what has been going on.

I went on my Vegas trip {first all girl trip ever} and had a blast.  We left on a Friday and returned on Monday.  A weekend getaway was just the perfect amount of time.  I had a blast.  There was so much to do I couldn't squeeze it all in.  We did a little shopping, relaxing, slot machines, and ate a fabulous restaurants every night.   A girl weekend was just what this little mama needed.  Plus I think it made my kids really appreciate me {ha} !!!!  Here are some pics of the girls and I!

They day after I returned we had a field trip to the Corn Maze.  It was awesome!!!  I loved it as much as the kids did.   Believe me when I tell you it took us a while to find our way out.  They also had other fun activities for the kids to do.  They were able to make ice cream, do a barnyard swing, play air tag {kinda like paint ball}, and take a hay ride.

We also had red ribbon week along with fire safety week.  In the picture below we wore our western wear for red ribbon week while taking a tour of a fire truck.

When I arrived home today I had an awesome surprise waiting for me.   I had signed up at Teaspoon of Teaching for a fun Halloween blogger exchange.  I was partnered up with Amy at Albuquerque Amy's First Graders.  Be sure to check out her fun blog if you get a chance.   So in my package she sent me two scarves, nail polish, and spider rings for my class.  How sweet was that???  Thanks Amy, I loved it!!!

Have you been to what seems like a million Fall Carnivals.  I feel like I have!!!  Last week we had my school's carnival.  The teachers work the different game booths.  Each grade is responsible for coming up with their own games.  Any money we make our grade level gets to keep and purchase supplies for our classroom.  My second grade team made out like bandits this year.  Our booths were corn dig {they dig in a huge bucket of deer corn for a prize}, face painting, spooky nail painting, and we sold balloons.  Our school had a great turn out.  Then this past Sunday we went to my girl's school carnival.  Their school puts on really awesome pumpkin displays.  Each class is responsible for setting up a pumpkin display.  The teachers and parents are so creative.  I could spend hours just look at all the pumpkin displays.   Below is some pics of my girls with their class displays.  I also took some pictures of my favorite displays.  Check out the Duck Dynasty and my favorite the Mad Scientist display.  They also have similar games and fun just like my school.

Well that about wraps up what I have been doing for the last two weeks.   I am sure you have been just as busy as me!!!  The month of October will get you every time.   I hope you enjoy the rest of this week, I can't believe November will be here on Friday.  I would love to hear about your Fall Carnivals or other October activities.  As always thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!  I {heart} followers and comments!


18 October 2013

Five for Friday

I am linking up with Doodle Bug Rocks for Five for Friday!

This is where I am headed today.  My flight leaves at 11:00.  I am super excited because it is the first time I have ever been to Las Vegas and it is the first time I have ever been on a all girl trip.  So pumped!!!!  Don't get me wrong, I travel here and there, but it is always with my family.  So it is a big deal to me to take my first ever girl trip at 36 years old.  A little secret:  I think the hubs is stressing a little about having to take care of the girls all by himself, but he will never admit it {ha}!!!!

Next up, I am really excited about this blogger exchange that is going on at A Teaspoon of Teaching.  There is still time for you to join in on the fun!!!  She is partnering up bloggers to exchange a Halloween treat with one another.  I can't wait to see what goodies I get!!!!  Be sure to join in I think it is going to be spooktacular!!!

My third thing is we had our Fall Carnival at school last night.   It was fun, but I am glad it is over.   It takes a lot of work to get all the games and stuff together.  I think the kids had a blast.  More pictures to come later, so be sure to check back.

Rainbow Loom!!  No need to say more.  I have heard about the rainbow loom from all of my students.  They have rubberband bracelets, necklaces, rings, shoestring.  Have the kids at your school been talking about the Rainbow Loom???  Well my own two kids go to another school and it is all the craze there too. So I finally bought the girls one, and we spent a good part of our Saturday night making rubberband bracelets.  They had to give me a lesson on how to do it, because being old and all I couldn't figure it out {ha}!  I must confess, I think I am a pretty good loomer!!!

This past weekend my oldest had a dance performance at a local festival called the Revel.  It was a lot of fun.  After her performace, we walked around and looked at all the locals arts and crafts.  They even have a huge section for kids to make crafts and play games.  It was a lot of fun!

As always thanks for stopping by and taking a peek.  I can't wait to read your Five for Friday.  I {heart} followers and comments!!!

16 October 2013

Johnny Appleseed Galore

Oh, Johnny Appleseed how you have consumed my Social Living time!!!  We have been up to our eyeballs with apples.   However, I do love teaching the unit on Johnny Appleseed.  The kids always enjoy the activities, no matter how many times they have heard about Johnny Appleseed.   

On Tuesday a local bank visited our school and did a short program on Johnny Appleseed.  They read a book to the kids and brought them goodie bags.   We also have a competition between all the second grade classes.  The students draw a picture of Johnny Appleseed and an overall winner is chosen.  They win a prize and get to have their picture hung up at the local banks fall festival they hold every year.  The picture does go on to compete with other schools in our parish.  The student that wins the parish competition gets $50 cash prize {not to shabby}!

Leading up to Tuesday, we have be busy, busy learning about Johnny.  Two of my parents even came and did a fabulous science lesson on why apples float and turn brown.  They also brought tons of yummy apple products.  We had applesauce, apple cider, apple butter, apple jelly, apple donuts {to die for - they were homemade and delicious}, apple jacks, and apple pie.   Let's just say we were apple out head to toe.   

They also made a cute craft with my class.   They made apple magnets made out of beads, pipe cleaner, and felt.  They turned out so cute!   I love when parents are able to come in and do activities with kids. I think the kids get a lot out of it and they always have fun.  This year I have great parent volunteers and I am so thankful, but it does not always work out like this.

We also did a little writing.  I had my students to write  a paragraph about Johnny Appleseed.  Then we put this little craftivity together.   We hung them up.   

We also put a another day aside in math to do a little apple tasting with graphing activity.  This is always a fun activity to do.  I brought in three different apples.  We held a taste testing.  Then we voted on our favorite.

This is what our class voted on:  Yellow colored apples were the best by a long shot.   

I would love to hear what fun activities you did to teach Johnny Appleseed.  Be sure to leave me a comment letting me know of any great ideas you might have.  As always thanks for stopping by and taking a peek.


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