28 October 2013

Fall Carnivals, Halloween Blogger Exchange, & Vegas … Oh My

I am still here …  I promise.  I think this is probably the longest I have gone since I started this little blog of mine without posting.  The month of October gets me good every year.   Between my school carnival, my girls school carnival, church carnivals, parties, red ribbon week, field trip, fire safety etc…  I am completely pooped.  So here is a little update on what has been going on.

I went on my Vegas trip {first all girl trip ever} and had a blast.  We left on a Friday and returned on Monday.  A weekend getaway was just the perfect amount of time.  I had a blast.  There was so much to do I couldn't squeeze it all in.  We did a little shopping, relaxing, slot machines, and ate a fabulous restaurants every night.   A girl weekend was just what this little mama needed.  Plus I think it made my kids really appreciate me {ha} !!!!  Here are some pics of the girls and I!

They day after I returned we had a field trip to the Corn Maze.  It was awesome!!!  I loved it as much as the kids did.   Believe me when I tell you it took us a while to find our way out.  They also had other fun activities for the kids to do.  They were able to make ice cream, do a barnyard swing, play air tag {kinda like paint ball}, and take a hay ride.

We also had red ribbon week along with fire safety week.  In the picture below we wore our western wear for red ribbon week while taking a tour of a fire truck.

When I arrived home today I had an awesome surprise waiting for me.   I had signed up at Teaspoon of Teaching for a fun Halloween blogger exchange.  I was partnered up with Amy at Albuquerque Amy's First Graders.  Be sure to check out her fun blog if you get a chance.   So in my package she sent me two scarves, nail polish, and spider rings for my class.  How sweet was that???  Thanks Amy, I loved it!!!

Have you been to what seems like a million Fall Carnivals.  I feel like I have!!!  Last week we had my school's carnival.  The teachers work the different game booths.  Each grade is responsible for coming up with their own games.  Any money we make our grade level gets to keep and purchase supplies for our classroom.  My second grade team made out like bandits this year.  Our booths were corn dig {they dig in a huge bucket of deer corn for a prize}, face painting, spooky nail painting, and we sold balloons.  Our school had a great turn out.  Then this past Sunday we went to my girl's school carnival.  Their school puts on really awesome pumpkin displays.  Each class is responsible for setting up a pumpkin display.  The teachers and parents are so creative.  I could spend hours just look at all the pumpkin displays.   Below is some pics of my girls with their class displays.  I also took some pictures of my favorite displays.  Check out the Duck Dynasty and my favorite the Mad Scientist display.  They also have similar games and fun just like my school.

Well that about wraps up what I have been doing for the last two weeks.   I am sure you have been just as busy as me!!!  The month of October will get you every time.   I hope you enjoy the rest of this week, I can't believe November will be here on Friday.  I would love to hear about your Fall Carnivals or other October activities.  As always thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!  I {heart} followers and comments!



  1. I always forget how crazy busy October gets. Plus we celebrate 4 birthdays this month too! Seems like you've been having fun though! Hopefully it'll slow down soon.
    A Tall Drink of Water

    1. I just keep telling myself hang in till Christmas!!!


  2. At least you had beautiful hair in Vegas! October is almost over :)

    Teaching in the Tongass


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