01 October 2013

Student Reflection/Self Assessment Take 2 Freebie

Last week I posted about our new teacher evaluations and one of the big component being students assessing themselves.  I also showed you a form that I was using when I send graded papers home that allowed the students to reflect on their own work {click here to read old post and grab freebie}.  Well today I want to share with you how a friend down the hall is letting the kids self assess one another.

After the class has been partnered up and completed a class assignment she hands out a Partner Scoring sheet and lets them assess how they worked together as a pair.   We all know kids can be brutally honest at times, and that is what I like about this.   Usually kids want to please one another so they are willing to work a little harder during group time so they will recieve a good assessment from another student.   It also gives the student a chance to reflect over the question techniques that they ask one another {students asking each other questions is also another component of teacher evaluations}.   Once the partners have completed the assessment they give the score sheet to the student they worked with.  If you would like click on the picture below to print out the freebie.  Feel free to use it in your classroom during partner work.  It is really neat to see how they rank each other.

What are some techniques you are using to let students self asses one another?   I would love for you to share any ideas that you may have.   



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