29 November 2013

A New Product & Sale

I am sure you have heard by now:  TpT is having their huge Cyber Monday Sale and I can't wait.  My wish list has about 15 items in it and I am so excited that I am going to get a deal on them.  

  {Krista Wallden Clipart}

I will have EVERYTHING in my shop on sale.   I have also just added a new grammar set that is LOADED with games and printables.  I have included some pictures below of some of my top selling products that can be used for this Christmas season or year round!!!

My New Grammar Unit

Christmas Tree Book Report Craftivity

Christmas Literacy Activities

Christmas Digital Paper

A Collection of Graphic Organizers

Chalkboard Frames

I hope everyone is able to get what they want on their wish list!!!  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!!!


27 November 2013

Winners Announced

I am happy to let all you gals know that my giveaway was a huge success.   It ended late last night, but I was to tired to hang in there and see who Rafflecopter pick.  But first thing this morning I discovered who the lucky winners are.   I have listed the winners below.  Congratulations, I hope you will love your prizes!   Thanks for everyone who entered the giveaway.   This little blog of mine would not be much of anything without awesome followers like you.   

Winner:  Deb Hanson

Winner:  Michelle Jaquillard

Winner:  Rachel Vincent

Winners:  Kayla Root & Nina Daugherty

Winner:  Krista Smith

Winner:  Ashley Reed

Winner:  Alison Rose

Winner:  Melissa Cloud

Winner:  Brittany Leathers

Winner:  Cherie Mae Ong

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek.  If you are one of the winners you should be receiving an email.   I hope each and everyone of my followers have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!


17 November 2013

Mix, Pair, Share & Christmas Tree Book Reports

I am so in Christmas mode.  I know Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet, but I just have Christmas on the brain!!!   If you have not signed up for my Christmas Giveaway  be sure to do it!!  You don't want to miss out on all the awesome prizes.  Click the picture to be link to the Rafflecopter to enter!!!

I also wanted to share with you a fun Christmas craftivity that I just finished.  My Christmas Tree Book Reports are going to be a big hit with my class.  They loved doing the Pumpkin book reports, so I know that they will like the Christmas version.  I know many of my followers also commented how they loved using the Pumpkin Reports in their class, so be sure to check out the Christmas Tree version.   I can't wait to get these reports started.  I am going to let the students pick their favorite Christmas book and write a report on it!!!   Click on the picture below to be taken to my TpT store to check it out.

On a different note:  Do any you ever play the game Mix, Pair, Share?  I am not really sure what the official rules are for this game, but a long time ago {a really long time ago} I saw a teacher playing this game with her class.  Well, I have adopted this game and love it.  I always use it to review right before a test.  I pass out sticky notes to each student.  I tell them that they have to pretend that they are the teacher and think of a question that a teacher might would put on the test.   I love having the kids to come up with their own questions.  It is great practice for them to ask questions to one another.  It opens up a door for better understanding.  After everyone has their questions ready to go I have them stand up. I say, "MIX" and the class starts walking around the room with their sticky note questions and their Math Learning Logs.   After a few seconds of doing this I then say, "PAIR".  The student pairs up with the person closest to them.  Then I say, "Share".  They ask each other their questions and solve the problem in their Math Learning Log.  Then they share with each other how they came to the conclusion of their answer.   After having time to complete the task.  Then then round starts all over again, but this time they must pair with someone new.   My class loves playing this game.  I think it is because first of all they are getting to write on  a sticky note and let's face it who does not like sticky notes.  I also think they love this game because they are in charge of all the questioning and sharing going on.  I am just a facilitator.   I have come to realize that kids like it when they "THINK" they are in charge.  So  if you looking of a quick and fun game to play maybe next time remember Mix, Pair, & Share.  If you have a different version of how to play this game I would love to hear about it.

As always thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!!!  I can't wait to hear from you.  I {heart} comments and followers!!!


13 November 2013

A Huge Huge Christmas Giveaway

It is here … my HUGE GIVEAWAY is ready to go!!!!   I am having an awesome giveaway for no reason at all {except that I love all my followers} and not any of the prizes are really teacher related.  That's right … I decided to have a fun Christmas giveaway just because!!!!  I think that makes the best kind of giveaway, right???

If any of you have been following me then you have heard me mention how my parents own a giftshop.  Every year on the second week in November they host a huge Christmas Open House.  This is the time when they display all of the Christmas merchandise for the season.  Trees are decorated, food and wine is served, a harp player comes in and plays music in the background.  It is a big time affair for my family.  Every year I go and help my mom out {I am usually stuck in the back wrapping gifts}.   All hands are on deck and ready to help because it is a big event and jammed packed with customers.   Below are few of the pictures that I took while I as there.   If you want to see some really great Christmas displays, be sure to check Chinaberry's out on Facebook.  There pictures are way better than mine!!

{Gold and Cream Themed Room}

{My oldest and I in the Wrapping Room}

{Snowman Themed Tree}

{Children's Section}

{Cotton Christmas Tree - Sorry So Blurry}

So since I was a great daughter and wrapped what felt like a ton of gifts for all the customers, my sweet sweet mom said she would donate some awesome prizes for a giveaway.   She knows how hard I have been trying to get this blog up and going {she has to hear about it nonstop}!!!!  I went and picked some really great gifts that will go perfect for the holiday season.  I know what your thinking … Thanksgiving hasn't even got here yet!!  But I think it is never to early to get a start on your Christmas plans or decorations.

I have 10 different prizes to giveaway to 11 different people!!!!!  Below you will see all the prizes you can sign up to win!!!!   Be sure to spread the word to your followers because they are not going to want to miss out on this!!!!  Also be sure to stop by Chinaberry's Facebook page and show a little love {plus check out some great pictures}!!

So as you can see there is a lot of prizes and chances to win.  Be sure to sign up using the raffelcopter.  I will be running the giveaway for two weeks so that everyone has a chance to see the post!!   Be sure to spread the word!!!  A big shout out to my parent's store, Chinaberry's for donating all the prizes!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

As always thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!!!  Good luck, I can't wait to see who the lucky winners will be!!!


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