29 December 2013

Thirteen for Thirteen {Linky}

Wow, how time flies!!!  It is so hard to believe that 2013 is coming to a close and a new chapter is about to begin!!!


I finally started this little ole' blog of mine after blog stalking many of you for several years.  This past summer was the one that I decided to get out there and try a few new things out.  I had contemplated starting a blog for a while but wasn't too sure how to go about out.  After spending about a month playing around {at times wanting to pull my hair out with trying to get it all set up} I finally started figuring some things out.  I have met some really awesome bloggers/teachers along the way and can't wait to meet many more.


Why just stop at a blog??? I decided to go ahead and go for a TpT shop as well.  It has done way better than I ever could imagine.   I never realized all the possibilities that my blog and TpT would bring me.  I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for me.   I just hope I can keep my creative juices flowing.


This past year my family and I went on our first ever ski trip to Utah.   We had so much fun.   I have to say that my two kiddos were  naturals on snow skis.  We even thinking about going again this year!


Speaking of first trips:  I took my first ever girl trip to Las Vegas.   We had such a blast.  A group of friends and I went to Vegas just for the weekend.  It was just what I needed!


My favorite show for 2013 is the new sitcom The Goldbergs.   I am absolutely in love with it.  It so funny to me.  I can't wait for it come on every Tuesday.  It reminds me of my family growing up so much.  And since as I was a young kid of the 80's I can totally relate to all the memorabilia.


This one is not as big as a deal for me as it was for my oldest but she was finally old enough to try out for the dancing performing group at her dance school.   She made the team and was so excited.   She works really hard and practices all the time.  We now get to travel and do special performances.  So for her this was a big deal.


My favorite movie for 2013 was This is 40!  Is was totally inappropriate on so many levels, but it was absolutely hilarious.  I stumbled across it one night on STARZ channel and I could not stop laughing.  It has and R rating for a reason but it is an an off beat funny comedy.  I was surprised that I liked it so much.


My favorite article of clothing to wear for 2013 … ok for every year… is black slacks.   I really wouldn't say it is my favorite.  But it is what I wear a lot of.  I know we have all heard of the LBD {little black dress}, mine should be LBS {little black slacks}.  I literally own about 15 pairs.  I am not joking.  I will save you a picture.  I don't know why I keep buying them.  I guess I figure they can go with anything.  I really should try to brighten my wardrobe in 2014.


I am stretching it here with clothing and making my number nine running shoes.  Every time I get on a workout kick, I think I need new running shoes.  Something about having new workout shoes seems to motivate me, even if it is only for a short period of time.  As a matter fact it is a little running joke at work.  Anytime someones sees me with new Nikes or New Balances they make a joke about me going to start hitting the gym again.  That's ok, I can take.  I will totally admit it, 2013 was not my best year for fitness.  I went through spurts where I would go and work out for a few weeks here and there and then slack for a few weeks {more slacking than working}.  Here is hoping that 2014 is better.


My one word I pick for 2013 is FRIENDSHIP.  This reason why is picked this as my one word is because I have some of the best friendships with some of my coworkers.  They are like a second family to me.   Also I have met some really great friends through blogging.  I think everyone needs friends to help get them through everyday ups and downs. {Below is a picture of a few of my friends from work.  We are at a workshop together}!


One of my new favorite restaurants for 2013 is Panera Bread.  I can't get enough of their Clam Chowder soup.  We just recently  had one to open nearby so it is fairly new to me and I think it is pretty delicious.

{twelve} & {thirteen}

I saved my best for last!!!  I am combining my twelve and thirteen because it one of my big goals for 2014.  I really want to become stronger in my faith.  You might ask aren't you strong enough?   Well yes, I go to church, pray, and I am very strong in my faith and belief.  But what I mean is that I want to become stronger in my faith by doing little things like reading my bible more, not taking all that my church has to offer for granted, making sure that my children are participating in our church activities more.  I just want to make sure that I am truly giving and offering the best that I can be and not just the minimum.  Sometimes when life is so hectic it is easy to make excuses not to go and do things or to participate.  This is the one area I am going to really focus on not making excuses no matter how crazy tired I am or how hectic life is because I have found that this is when you need your faith the most!!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!!!   I {heart} comments and followers!!




  1. Hi Jamie! I enjoyed reading your post! I also started my blog and TPT this year and feel like that was a huge accomplishment for me! It's a lot of work that I'm still getting used to, but it's so fun! I'm currently trying to figure out how to make my blog prettier and more user friendly. It's kind of a mess! Happy New Year!

    Missing Tooth Grins

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Happy New Year!


  2. Loved reading about your highlights of 2013!! I have enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to reading more! I wish you the best of luck in 2014 and am believing with you for your faith to grow abundantly!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  3. Loved reading this, Jamie! I too am notorious for buying black slacks...except mine aren't little! I've enjoyed reading your blog since this summer and will continue to look forward to see what 2014 has in store for you! :)
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. This was a fun post. You have done a fabulous job on your blog and tot store. You still have one of my favorite blog designs. You are so creative! I know you can keep it up.
    Good Luck in 2014

    1. Thanks so much!! I have really enjoyed reading your blog too and not to mention you really help me this summer when I had to ask you several questions about getting my blog up and going. I can't wait to read more post in 2014. Happy New Year!!



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