19 January 2014

Place Value Freebie & Flu

I spoke a little too soon or may even jinx myself in my Five for Friday post, but whatever I did it stinks because the FLU has officially hit the Knefely household.  My youngest has the flu.  She seems a lot better today.  However, yesterday was horrible!!  She ran high fever all day long and slept most of the day.  There were a few times I was starting to panic a little with her fever so high, I even put her in a cool bath a few times to help drop her temperature.  My pediatrician told me to expect this, but as a mom knowing it is coming and seeing it actually happen are two different things.  Finally late last night her fever seemed to break and this morning she seems much much better!  Her fever is down now just congestion with a nagging cough.  I think we caught her flu just early enough to get the Tamiflu in her system to help stop it in its track.  The entire household is on Tamiful as a preventive measure.

Our area is having a major flu outbreak {I may be using this word a little extreme, but this is what it feels like}.  The local schools have had so may sick kids lately, my school included.  The news is constantly talking about how many people are infected with the flu in our area.   So I was already a little worried that it was headed our way.   Plus when we left the doctors office it was like searching for a needle in a hay stack to find a pharmacy that had enough Tamiflu in stock.  Hopefully the worst is behind us.  She seems much better today!!

Now on to school related talk.  I have a little freebie for you that I think you will love.  It is quick matching game that would be perfect to use in centers or to have for early finishers.  We are getting ready to start working on place value up 1,000 and with Valentine's Day around the corner what a perfect time to use this little matching game.  All you have to do is print and cut the hearts in half.   I have provided an answer key so the student(s) can self check their work.  Visit my TpT shop to download this free game {click on images below}!  I hope you can find a way to use it in your classroom.  

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!!!  I hope you have a great week!!!



  1. I hope your little one stays on the mend and the rest of you don't get it! We've had a lot of flu here too. :(
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Oh I hate that you're little one is not feeling great. :( Love the place value pack! Hope you have a restful, healthy week!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  3. Hope that your little one is feeling better. Everyone I know is getting sick. It's a very bad strand going around.

    Thanks for the freebie! I'm excited to use it!


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