26 February 2014

Safety Town - Field Trip Fun

Today we finally took our field trip to Safety Town.  I mentioned earlier in a blog post that it was approaching very soon.  Well today was the day and the kids were so excited!   Leading up to the field trip I taught several lessons to my class that showed them how to use safety precautions in their community.  I then gave them a required test over the skills taught and the scores are turned into the facility.   

On the day of the field trip the kids then put the skills that they have learn to actual use.  Safety Town is the neatest place.  It set up like a small little town.  It has pretend buildings, electrical lines, mock lakes/ponds, light signals, & etc…  You name it they have it set up for the kids to experience.  There are police officers and firemen who rotate through to teach the kids the safety lessons.

We start of the day by rotating through cars{drivers}, bikers, and pedestrians.   They get to experience walking, driving, and riding a bike through crosswalks, light signals, railroad tracks, and stop signs.  They have to use all the correct safety steps or precautions or the officers will correct them and make them go back and do it again.  

{Excuse the hair nets - it is a requirement in order to ride the bikes!}

Then second half of our day consisted of stranger danger, gun safety, fire safety {with pretend smoke}, tornado safety{with pretend thunder and a tornado}, and water safety.  The other thing the kids loved doing was the seat belt simulator.  They were put in a simulator and it tilts them forward.  The police officer showed them that if they did not wear their seat belt correctly then how easily they can be lunged forward.  They also learned that most of them should actually still be sitting in a booster seat.  The kids were so surprised by this because they thought boosters were for babies.  But when the officer told/showed them that it is based on size not on age and how it helps keep the shoulder strap in place they couldn't believe it.  It was like he had showed them a magic trick.  It is funny how something so simple seemed so amazing when a police officer was explaining it.

This is always one of my favorite field trips that we take every year.  All of second grade in the parish is required to take this field trip.  Even though it is a required field trip and not one that the teachers hand picked it is still so much fun. The kids love it too, especially driving the go-carts.  The go-carts win every year hands down.

Well that about wraps it up for me!!!  I just wanted to share our fun adventure we had today with all my blog buddies.  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!!!!



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