03 March 2014

Read Across America Week Linky

I love to celebrate Read Across America Week!!!  Even the older children still love to read a good Dr. Seuss book.  Does anyone ever outgrow a Dr. Seuss book?  I am in my late thirties and I still love to read the tongue twister fun loving character books.  I am linking up with The Primary Chalkboard to share with you some of my favorite children authors.  Of course we all love Dr. Seuss so I decided to share a few of my other favorites.

For my first favorite children's author I must admit I love Mary Pope Osborne and I am especially fond of this collection:  The Magic Tree House.  I have read almost every single book in the collection.  I think I am lacking maybe four.  What I love best about this author is that even though she has written a fiction book she still manages to bring in nonfiction.   When my second graders are making the transition into chapter books this is always one of my recommendations.   I find the boys really love this series.

Next up is the beloved Eric Carle.  I can't decide if it is the story or the art work I like the best.  I think it may be a toss up.  I really like some of the books that are leveled for older children.  One of my favorites is "The Tiny Seed".

I absolutely fantastically adore {I am using fancy words} all things Jane O'Connor and Fancy Nancy.  I know this is a total girl book, but I can't help it.  I have two small girls and we love to read these books together.  I wish my daughters school had book character day so bad, just so I could dress them up as Fancy Nancy.  Jane O'Conner has recently started adding the Nancy Clancy chapter books for the older readers to the collection.  I was so happy about this because it works out perfectly for my own fourth grader.

I saved my best for last.  E.B White's, "Charlotte's Web" is my all time favorite children's book.   I love, love, love this book!!!!  I have read it so many times I have lost count.   And it does not matter how many times I read it, I still tear up when Charlotte dies.  I  think this is the best book in the world to teach about friendship.  I read this book aloud every year to my class at the end of the year and we do a unit on "Charlotte's Web".  In all the years I have taught elementary I have never once heard a child say a negative thing about this book.  They always give this book praise.   It is always a big hit with second and third graders.

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  1. Jack and Annie are a must read. I love all their stories!
    My Second Sense

  2. I agree with you completely Jamie about Charlotte's Web. I get so choked up reading this to my kids every year!! Love!
    Elyse :)
    Proud to be Primary


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