27 May 2014

Pin It to Win it Giveaway

I finally finished up three lingering projects I have been working on for the past month or so.  Do you do that, start something, work a little then take a break then work a little more?  Well, I can finally say I am finished - yippee!! And I decided to have a little Pin it to Win it Giveway.   

If you would like a chance to to win one of my newest units simply just pin one or all of the  cover pages to a relevant Pintrest board.  Then, just leave a comment and copy and past the pin's URL.  Be sure to leave your email address, especially if you are a no reply blogger.  If you pin more than one unit leave the URL in more than one comment!  It is that easy!  Then by tomorrow night I will pick a couple of winners and I will email you your prize!  All of these units and more can be found in my TpT shop.

Up first is my newest Grammar Bundle.  This is actually my second bundle to make and it just as loaded down as the first.  There are 30 print-and-go sheets that review over sentence structure and conventions.  What I love about his set, is it is perfect for the beginning of the year when some of the basic grammar skills are just being taught.   The print-and-go sheets have a variety of activities from cutting and pasting, identifying, sorting, to writing out and forming sentences.  I have also provided answer keys for each sheet as well.

{sneak peek of what is inside}

{sneak peek of what is inside}

The second unit I finished up {just last night} is Ramona Quimby, Age 8.  If you have been following my blog, then you know that my class and I read this book together toward the end of the year.  And I must say it was a huge hit!  I found a lot of material out there on Ramona Quimby, but I couldn't find just what I was looking for or in the format of how I wanted it.  So I designed my own unit.  This unit is jammed packed with materials to help aid in teaching this awesome novel.  There are is a writing prompts that relates self to text for every chapter, vocabulary match up and comprehension questions for every chapter, drawing craftivity, Drop and Draw with Mr. Quimby and Ramona fun sheet, Wordsearch, It's all about the Character, Picture Talk, and Venn Diagrams.  I was really pleased with the way this unit turned out.  So pleased in fact, that I am thinking I may make other units to go with the other novels we read in class.



{a small peek of just some of the stuff included}

The last thing I finished was my newest paper pack, The Pool Party Collection!  I was inspired by the color scheme we used at my daughter's swimming party.  I loved the colors so much I decided to make a digital paper pack.  There are 26 digital papers included in this pack.  Don't the colors just scream summertime??

Well there it, my newly finished projects!!  I hope you enter.  I will be picking several winners tomorrow, so be sure to check your email, and don't forget to leave the pin's URL in the comment box below too!  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!  I can't wait to hear from you!


25 May 2014

Top Ten List for Summer - Summer Linky

I am linking up with Deanna Jump's Summer Linky:  Top Ten List for Summer 2014.   I really don't have any extraordinary plans.   Mine are probably just like a lot of you other teachers out there, so here you have it!!!

Up first I want to spend some quality time with my own two girls.  We are together all the time, but during the school year we are constantly running the roads to dance, gymnastics, or this one has this and that they need to do.  So during the summer everything slows down and I love it!  We spend most of our days just hanging out together either swimming or on the lake.  It is one the perks of being a teacher, I am off when my babies are off.

This leads me into my second thing my family loves to do:  stay on the water.  We will probably swim or boat almost everyday.   During the week it is just the girls and I, but on the weekends it usually is my whole family.  Some of my best memories are our lazy summer days on the lake together with my parents and my brother and his kiddos.   I hope to keep making more of those memories.

The third thing I hope to do is maybe get in a date night with the hubs or maybe a girl night or two in with some friends.  As much as I love spending time with my kiddos, I do love just carry on an adult conversation sometimes.   Plus there are some movies and new restaurants that I have really been wanting to try out.   

Number four on my list is to read a few book, and I hope this does not sound horrible but they most likely will not be anything for teaching education.  I just want to read for pure enjoyment.  I just downloaded the book by Cameron Diaz, The Body Book.   I heard a few ladies at work talk about it and decided to give it a go {it could kinda count as educational - it teaches you about your body - right ;))}!!!  I am only on Chapter 1 so far and it seems ok.  It is not a diet book, but more like a teach you how your body works and what it needs kinda book.   I really need some good pool side reads - maybe a mystery or love story, if you have any suggestions please share?

The fifth thing I want to do this summer is to try to squeeze in a little more exercise.  I have totally slacked this pass year and I can feel it.  By the end of the year I was so tired feeling.  So I hope to get back on the wagon and at least squeeze in a walk or two.

The sixth thing on my list for this summer is when we go on our beach vacation to Destin, Florida.  I want to rent a boat and spend the day at Crab Island.  We did this a few years ago and had the best time.  My husband and I keep saying every year when we return we are going to do it again, but we haven't.  This year I am going to make sure that we do.  {The picture below is an old picture of my daughter and I when we para sailed on Crab Island a few years ago.  She wants to go again!}

The seventh thing on my list is to visit a few of our local farmer's markets.  I only went twice last year. But both times I scored some really great produce and products and plus the girls absolutely loved going.  They really learned some neat thing just by visiting the farmer's market.  I hope to get to visit it more this year.

Number 8 on my list to have a garage sale before school starts.   I have already cleaned out most of my house {I did this over Spring Break}.  I boxed all our stuff up and I was going to take it to Goodwill, but then my mom had this grand idea {insert sarcasm} to have a grange sale.  So now all my junk is sitting in her garage waiting for a garage sale.  She has to clean out her closets and what not.  I told her though, if we don't have it ready to go by the time school is almost ready to start, then to Goodwill it all goes.

Number 9 on my list is to make more products for TpT store.   I have a few thing in the works and hope to have them up very soon.  I am working on a cute digital paper pack that has some cute summer themed colors in it.  I also have another grammar pack that is just about ready to go as well.   So I hope to get some items made up, but notice this is number 9 on my list.   If I get to it I will, but I am not going to stress myself over it.

The final thing on my list is just to try and relax and enjoy the little things around me.  I spend a lot of the school year feeling busy and rushed.  I want to take the next few months just to stop and enjoy the little things, like watching my husband and kids competing who can do the biggest cannon ball in the pool, or actually enjoying a good book from start to finish.   I hope all of you can get a little rest and relaxation too!!

Well that about wraps up my list!  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek.  Be sure to link up and share your Top Ten!! I {heart} comments and followers!!!


23 May 2014

Five for Friday

It is official I am on summer break, and I am so excited.   I really don't have any great or exciting plans, but I do look forward to a little rest and spending some time on the lake or by the pool with my family.

Since yesterday was my last day my students and I spent the first half of the day cleaning and packing up the room.  Luckily I get to leave up my bulletin boards.  We dusted and wiped everything down.  We even went around the room and wiped down the walls were there may have been a dirty smudge or pencil mark.  I had a room full of girls this year, so they were all eager to help.  If you follow my blog you have probably heard me talk about my sweet girls this year and how they just love to take over.  Well the last day of school was no different.  Of course they each knew the best way to clean or organize.  I just let them have at it, and in the end they did a pretty good job.   

Earlier in the week we had our final AR party.  If the student made all of their AR goals for the year they were treated to a splash party.  They had such a blast.  They were also served snow cones and popcorn.  I heard one my boys running by yelling, "This is the best day ever"!!!  So there you have it, all it takes is a couple of water slides and few treats to have the best day ever!!

We also had this last week of school our "Fast Facts to a Fudge Sundae" party.   The kids worked toward this goal all year as well.  They had to memorize their basic addition and subtraction facts.  I give them weekly timed test.  If they pass the test then they moved on to the next level.   They all did well on the addition, but when we reached subtraction well, that was a different story.  It took some of them several tries, but in the end they all made it to a cherry on top!!!

On the last day of school after all the kids are loaded on the bus, the ENTIRE staff comes out and waves and yells to them good-bye while the buses drive away honking!!  The kids love it, and most have arms out the windows waving back!!  

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!!  Have a great weekend!!


13 May 2014

Counting the Days Down

I am actually stuck at home today with pink eye.  In all my thirty-seven years, I have never had pink eye. At first I thought it must be allergies or a sty on my eye, but by day two I knew it was something else.  The weirdest thing is that my actual eye never really turned pink just the lid all the way around it.  Anyway after trying to hold back from scratching it {it really itches} I decided to occupy my time and  catch you up on what has been going on in my class.

We are definitely on the the downhill slide.  We only have two weeks left.  My last day will be May 22nd and I am so ready for summer.  I spent this past weekend on the lake with my family and I can't wait to spend more weeks and weekends ahead the same way.  We have been really busy in my class too!  It is so crazy trying to squeeze everything in the last few weeks.

Up first we just finished up our plant unit which the kids loved.  Instead of planting the seeds in soil, we grow them in paper towels and Ziploc bags.  This way we can make observations every couple of days and really notice the changes in the roots, stems, and leaves.  We even made a foldable book to go along with our bean seeds.  It took about two weeks for the bean seeds to grow enough to see roots and leaves.  The kids had a blast completing this activity.   

We finished up reading the novel, "Ramona Quimby, Age 8".  I couldn't tell you who loved the book more, me or the kids.   I have a whole novel study unit that I made to go with this  book and I hope to have the final touches on it very soon.   It has several crafts and activities that I made to go with the book, plus all of the questions and vocabulary we used for each chapter.  We made an egg craftivity to go with the chapter "Hard-boiled Egg Fad" when Ramona cracks a raw egg on her head:  I had some really creative drawings.   I love the bottom picture!  I think the student did a great job drawing the yolk dripping down Ramona and off of the egg halves.

Since we are finished with our "Ramona" book we are currently reading my all time favorite book, "Charlotte's Web".  I love this book!!!  It does not matter how many times I read it I can never seem to get enough, and I always tear up when Wilbur loses his best friend.   I love how this book teaches the importance that friendship can come in all shapes and sizes.

Well that about catches you up on what's been going on it my class {besides all of my teacher paper work/reports that have to be turned in for the end of the year -yikes the pile is growing}!  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!  I {heart} comments and followers!!


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