23 May 2014

Five for Friday

It is official I am on summer break, and I am so excited.   I really don't have any great or exciting plans, but I do look forward to a little rest and spending some time on the lake or by the pool with my family.

Since yesterday was my last day my students and I spent the first half of the day cleaning and packing up the room.  Luckily I get to leave up my bulletin boards.  We dusted and wiped everything down.  We even went around the room and wiped down the walls were there may have been a dirty smudge or pencil mark.  I had a room full of girls this year, so they were all eager to help.  If you follow my blog you have probably heard me talk about my sweet girls this year and how they just love to take over.  Well the last day of school was no different.  Of course they each knew the best way to clean or organize.  I just let them have at it, and in the end they did a pretty good job.   

Earlier in the week we had our final AR party.  If the student made all of their AR goals for the year they were treated to a splash party.  They had such a blast.  They were also served snow cones and popcorn.  I heard one my boys running by yelling, "This is the best day ever"!!!  So there you have it, all it takes is a couple of water slides and few treats to have the best day ever!!

We also had this last week of school our "Fast Facts to a Fudge Sundae" party.   The kids worked toward this goal all year as well.  They had to memorize their basic addition and subtraction facts.  I give them weekly timed test.  If they pass the test then they moved on to the next level.   They all did well on the addition, but when we reached subtraction well, that was a different story.  It took some of them several tries, but in the end they all made it to a cherry on top!!!

On the last day of school after all the kids are loaded on the bus, the ENTIRE staff comes out and waves and yells to them good-bye while the buses drive away honking!!  The kids love it, and most have arms out the windows waving back!!  

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!!  Have a great weekend!!



  1. Awww! It sounds like you had a fabulous last week of school! Congratulations on surviving another school year! Enjoy summer with your girlies!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  2. The SPLASH party looks like so much fun! Have a relaxing summer!

  3. What is your criteria for passing math facts?

    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

    1. They are given timed drilled test. I has 50 problems and they are given 3 mins. to complete. If they pass then they move to the next level. If they don't then they have to redo that particular test over the following week. We have the fast facts test every Friday {I should say on most Fridays}. I do not take it for a grade, it is only to earn the reward. They have to earn their napkin, spoon, bowl, ice cream, whip cream, sprinkles, chocolate, etc… The first half of the tests cover addition and about midway through they switch to subtraction. The test are ones that I have used for years, from an old series we use to use. But I love the format, so I keep using them. This is something my whole grade does.


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