13 June 2014

Father's Day Ideas and A Small Freebie

With Father's Day fast approaching and not really knowing what to get the hubs this year I did a little Pinterest idea shopping a found some really cute ideas that the girls and I could whip up and make at home this year!   My husband loves Reese's Pieces and I found this great idea.  Check out the picture below for my version.

I scooped up a mason jar, made my own label, and tied it up with cute ribbon in guy colors and viola a yummy snack for Daddy!  But wait, we didn't stop there,  since I have two daughters they informed me they each needed to give him a treat, so back to Pinterest we went and we found a great idea using Peanut M&M's {another favorite snack of his}!  So, once again we stuffed a mason jar, made our own version of the label, and tied it up with ribbon.  The girls really loved helping make this easy craft.   I know it is so simple, but I like that they enjoy making things.  I can see that they are going to be crafters just like their mama!   

If you would like my freebie version of the tags that I made, click on either of the pictures of the tags below to have a down loadable version just for you.  Be sure when printing that your printer is scaled to 100% so the tag will print the correct size!   I put a distressed look on the digital paper to give it a more rustic look, I hope you like it!!!

I also found the cutest freebie on Pinterest,  a website called Kiki & Company that allows you to print out free small notes to stick around the house just for dad.  We decided to make ours into a mini notepad instead {the girls came up with this idea}.   This website also had a printable version for grandpa too!  Kiki & Company had several other ideas that could be used for Father's day.   Be sure to stop by and check out all her great printables!!

I know that my kiddos are super excited about giving their daddy their homemade gifts.   We are also going to attach a gift card to Home Depot to one of our gifts since he is frequent visitor!  Do you think dad's love homemade gifts as much as mom's do??  What great ideas have you found for Father's Day? I would love to hear from you!   Thanks for stopping by!!



  1. Thank you for the great ideas! You are saving me! I'm going to use these ideas for grandpa, too!

  2. Adorable! My students made their Dad's Trail Mix....each item means something...package it and tie with raffia with the meanings. BTW...just Google Father's Day Trail Mix it should pop up!


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