10 June 2014

Two for Tuesday Sale and We Love Books

Thanks for stopping by!!  Today I am linking up with two great linky parties The Teaching Tribune for their Two for Tuesday Link Up and Deanna Jump's Let's Talk about Books Linky!  I have even made it so that my two can coordinate together!!

I am going to start off with the my book link up first because it leads into my Two for Tuesday link up!!

The book I want to introduce is, Me on the Map! The book Me on the Map is a great book to introduce map skills.  It shows the kids how we can use different types of maps to locate different types of information!  I always use this book at the beginning of the year when I am first teaching map skills during social living.   

It starts off with a little girl showing her place in her room using a map, then in her house, neighborhood, street, city, state, country, & etc…  I tried to find more pictures, but since I am on summer break this lovely book is on my shelf at school and this is all I could come up with {sorry}!  But the pictures are what I like about the book.  The text is so simple and easy to understand and it lets the pictures of the maps do the teaching.

After we have read the book we make a craft that shows our place on maps of our room, neighborhood,  state, country, continent, world, & universe!  The kids love making this activity!  

Which leads me into my second linky today.  You can find this activity to correlate with this book on sale for half off in my TpT shop!

The two teaching resources I am putting on sale today are two of my best sellers!  Up first  for sale is my, Me on the Map Craftivity!  This activity correlates with the book, Me on the Map.  I love this book because it teaches the basic understanding/purpose of maps.  My product is a craftivity that can be used with the book!  I have made this craft with my own class for the past three years and it is always a big hit!!  Click on any of the pictures below to be taken directly to the product!

Next,  is a collection of everyday ELA graphic organizers! This set has organizers to help you sort main idea, sequencing, fact or opinion, character/setting, & and many more.   Click on any of the pictures below to be taken directly to the product!

I hope I have introduced you to maybe a new book you have not heard of or interest you in one of my products!  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek! If you visit my TpT shop be sure to follow me for regular updates.   I {heart} comments and followers!!



  1. I love this book and have always had my kiddos create maps in KidPix after reading. They start in the classroom or bedroom and then work their way out. I love the idea of creating a foldable! Thanks Jamie!

    A Teaspoon of Teaching


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