31 July 2014

A New Product and A Chance to Win

 I officially start back to school next week {can you just hear the sobs}!  I feel like school starts earlier and earlier each year.  Although I am eager to meet my new students, I am going to miss my lazy days by the pool and getting to sleep in a little longer.  Last night I stayed up and finished a new product that I can't wait to use in my own math centers.   I had bought this cute ice cream clip art from Creative Clips way before summer started and finally just got around to using it.  I plan on using this activity to help students master their basic addition and subtraction facts!   But more importantly I included strategies with this match up game.  I really feel like if a student can learn the different strategies for basic addition and subtraction it makes the memorization process a lot easier.   There are several ways this match up game can be played {check out the images below}.   I am thinking I will use it as an individual activity in a math station, but the options are endless.  This set covers basic addition and subtraction up to 20, but I did include blanks in case needed.

Would this be something you could use in your class in a math station or center?   Would you like a chance to win this game set?  Just leave a comment telling me one of the ways you help your students practice/master their basic facts.  Be sure to leave your email for me too.  I will pick a few winners to receive this pack!

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  1. I put up random answers on chart paper. I then have two students come up armed with flyswatters .....I verbally say random math problems. The first person to "swat" the correct answer earns a point for their team. This is Math Swat and the kids love it. Your center is adorable. Who doesn't love ice cream?

  2. I use Fluttering through First Grade's Bubble Gum Pack with my daughter to help practice basic math facts!


  3. I like to use all kinds of partner games and Cuisenaire rods with the whole class and small groups for practicing facts.

  4. I love for my students to practice their math facts on xtramath.com. The kids love it and it doesn't take up much time! mrsruffin924@gmail.com

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  6. I made my own program for studying math facts in the context of fact families. We practice basic facts daily in some way or another. I get my class on computer programs as often as possible too. I love your yummy new center pack and the variety of ways it can be used Jamie ! My kids would love it too! Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog today! You are so sweet to always comment! :)

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