28 September 2014

New Digital Paper Packs and an Awesome Freebie for You

So I finally finished up some projects that I have had in the works and I am ready to share!

Up first, I finished my newest Halloween themed digital paper pack.  It has some glitter and distressed accents on some of the digital files.  I recently learned how to make a glitter texture in Photoshop and I think it may be my newest addiction.  I have a feeling it is going to start popping up in more of my products.

Next up, I finished this Duck Dynasty 5 piece task card addition set.   It took a little longer that I had hoped, but my class was able to use it as a review last week.   We love Duck Dynasty in my class, but that is probably because we live in Louisiana and they do not live that far from us.

I also finished this polka dot paper set.  Ever single digital piece of paper in this set has a distressed appearance.  It seems like it doesn't matter how many designs you come up with, polka dots, chevron and solids are always the most popular.

Now for your freebie -  just click on this image to visit my TpT shop and download this 10 piece solid set.  However, it is not just a plain ole' solid.  They all have a card stock texture with a slight shabby whitewash applied to them.  You probably picked it up by now that I love the shabby, chic, distressed look.  If you do download, please leave feedback.  I hope you can find use for it!!!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!!



  1. Love that Halloween paper! I've always wanted to learn how to design digital paper. Is it difficult?

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. Yes, {kinda} - mostly just practicing over and over! It is like any learning curve the more you do, the better you get. When I look back at my stuff now compared to when I first started, I see such a big difference!!! I use Photoshop and I have watched my fair share of You Tube How To videos to figure out how to apply a texture, brushes, or patterns. Sometimes you can purchase overlays for commercial use then blend them in with your own designs. In Photoshop it is all about layering. For example, the freebie above: each sheet has about 4-5 layers per piece, so it is not just dumping a paint bucket onto the image!! Then within each layer I move around the lighting and transparency. If you do ever start, I would recommend Photoshop for digital work.

  3. I have a new obsession with digital papers, and your Halloween papers look great!
    Teaching, Love, Cupcakes


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