23 April 2014

Spring Fling and a Field Trip

Does your calendar ever look like this too?  I keep my planner always on my desk {I know what some of you are thinking and yes I am a little ole' fashion .. I still have to write my stuff down :)) } and this is what my April has looked like, and this is just the events that I have remembered to write down!  I have been so busy at school and at home lately I haven't had time to sit and blog as much as I would like.  So I am going to use this  Wednesday night to catch you up on what has been going on in my class.

Actually the past couple of weeks we have not been in class that much.  Last Thursday second grade had their annual Spring Fling celebration.  This is one of my absolute favorite events we have all year. This is where we officially bring in the springtime.  We spend most of the day outside!!  We start off with an early picnic lunch with our parents and then we fly kites.  For a lot of the kids this is the first time they have ever even flown a kite.  It is so beautiful to look up in the sky and see all the different kites flying.  I took a picture but it does not do it any justice of how neat it looks to see about 75 different kites flying in the sky (this is all I could fit with my camera on my phone).  We have a huge back field at our school so the kids can all fit without bumping into one another while flying their kites.

They are not just limited to flying kites, the kids can blow bubbles, hula hoop, sidewalk chalk, etc…  They can bring or do just about any fun activity they want as long as it involves playing outside.   It is also a great way to get parents involved.  I love to see parents/grandparents flying kites or throwing a frisbee with their child.   The kids loved, loved, loved this day.  By 3:00 they were so exhausted.   It was a great way to  end the week and bring in spring.  We were out of school on Friday and Monday for Easter Break.  And speaking of Easter Break, I hope everyone had an awesome Easter.  Below is a picture of my family and I after church on Easter Sunday.  We had the best Easter service at church on Sunday and I was so thankful that I was reminded why we celebrate Easter.

We returned to school Tuesday and I tried my best to get a somewhat normal routine going, but they were so excited about our field trip that we were going on today.  We took a field trip to Art Break.  Art Break is an annual local event that host the largest display of art work by students in grades K-12 in the entire nation.  This year is is celebrating 30 years.  It last for one week and it open to the public, but all local schools (grades 2-3) take a required field trip every year to participate in different events.  In second grade they focus on reading and art.  In third they focus on making art.   Today we watched a play put on by the talented art students, sang and danced with the Canadian children's group Stylamanders, and listened to a storyteller.   The students had a blast!  Plus we get to see some really awesome art work.   I took some pictures to show you.  You will be blown away by some of the art that these students can produce.   All surrounding parishes can enter or participate in putting their art on display.  The catch is, that all art must be original and must be done by the student.  It can't be a traced or coloring type sheet.  

{This is my school's display}

{This is all art work that was completed by local elementary students K-5.  One of my students had a piece entered in for competition.  It is the one on the bottom left corner}

{More art work completed by another elementary school K-5}

{Art work completed by local high school students}

{Art work completed by local high school students}

Isn't so amazing some of the art work these kids produce?  I  am amazed every year by all the different art I see.  Even the young elementary kids can make a simple drawing look so awesome!!

Well that about wraps it up for me!!  I am off to get rest because the next event for this week is FIELD DAY!!!  I hope the rain holds off for us because the kids have been practicing so hard in PE trying to get ready for the big day.  I will try my best to remember to take pictures and post some of the big events!  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek.  I {heart} comments and followers!!!


11 April 2014

Five for Friday

Can I just say that  I am the proud winner of this awesome pack by Shelly from Smiling and Shining in Second Grade!!!! I was super excited when I checked my email and saw that I had won something!!!  It is jammed packed with spring themed math printables that covers a variety of  the common core skills I teach.  If you are looking for a great set of math printables to use to help reinforce everyday math skills you should definitely check out this pack {click on image to visit Shelly's TpT shop}.  Also be sure to stop by Smiling and Shining in Second Grade's blog to pick up some other great ideas.  

The second thing I am super pumped up about this Friday is that state testing is finally over.   Can I get a hallelujah and an amen???   Even though I do not have to administer the test to my sweet second graders staying extremely quiet at all times and missing enrichment times can start to feel like we are stuck taking the test too!!!  I know that my fellow 3-5 grade teachers are relived that it over too.  I have a good feeling that are school did well.   All that is left is make up testing today, and then we are officially finished {yippee}!!!!

My third thing that I am totally lovin' this Friday is the novel that my class and I are reading, "Ramona Quimby, Age 8".  This is the first time I have read this novel with one of my second grade classes.  The group I have this year is a higher performing group {this does not always happen because we are leveled at my school and it rotates from year to year} and I knew that they would love getting to read a higher level book.  They are eating it up!!!!  We are currently on chapter 5.   I have made questions and vocabulary to go with each chapter.  I am amazed at how well they are doing with the vocabulary.   I haven't decided what our next novel study will be, but I will have to make sure that they love it just as much.

This week in math we have been learning about money.  We have played a few games that involved counting coins.  We have also made list showing different ways to show the same amounts.  We are currently working on counting amounts over a $1.00, adding, and subtracting money.   So far they have done really well with counting money.   If I could just get them to stop jingling all the plastic coins during math time when we are using manipulatives.  

I know it is a little late, but I wanted to share a few pictures from our last minute Spring Break trip to New Orleans!  We had a good time.  Since I live in the northern part of Louisiana it is only about a 5 hour drive for us.   Just perfect for a weekend getaway!

I hope that everyone enjoys their Friday!!!  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!


02 April 2014

April's Currently

A day late, but better late than never is what I always say.   Plus I love to link up with Farley for her monthly Currently.  It is always fun to read what other teachers are up to!!!!


I am listening to running bath water.  I have both girls in a bath.   One is in their tub and the other is in our tub.   Trying to knock the whole bathing situation out quickly tonight.


That we just went out to eat fried catfish at one of my favorite local restaurants just up the road.  It is so yummy and never disappoints.  This is why we are rushing bath time tonight because of eating out and getting home later than usual.  But the delicious food was so worth it.


I haven't had any of my breaks all week.  It is Wednesday and by this afternoon I was completely exhausted.  I have PE duty this week, plus my turn for lunch duty, a meeting during my planning period today {that break was gone and I have not any enrichment so far this week}, and at recess all team leaders had to report to the office for another meeting.  Needless to say I would love to have 10 minutes of peace to sit down and look through my plans or take a bathroom break.  Oh well, no rest for the weary.  It will be better next week because I do not have PE duty but we do start state testing so we will lose our planning and enrichment times during testing hours.    


I want Friday to get here ASAP.  My cousin and her family are in from Utah and I am so excited.   We {as in just us girls} are going to take a day trip to Canton, Texas to do some major shopping.  I am taking the day off.  I know all my Texas blogging buddies know exactly all the goodies you can find in Canton.  Canton Trade Days only comes once a month and I am excited because this is my first time  in a long time to get to visit.  I am planning on bringing back some awesome stuff.  Then on Saturday we are living it up true Louisiana style with a huge crawfish boil with ALL of the family coming over to my house.   


I need to finish going through all the girls' clothes for a local consignment sale going on.   I always clean out their clothes and put it in the sale.   They only have the sale in the fall and spring.  I usually make an ok amount {I have to pay for my Canton shopping trip somehow - right}!!!!

Hours and Day

We start at 8:00 and can leave at 3:15.   My last day is May 22nd!!!!

As always thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!   I {heart} comments and followers!!!


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