28 September 2014

New Digital Paper Packs and an Awesome Freebie for You

So I finally finished up some projects that I have had in the works and I am ready to share!

Up first, I finished my newest Halloween themed digital paper pack.  It has some glitter and distressed accents on some of the digital files.  I recently learned how to make a glitter texture in Photoshop and I think it may be my newest addiction.  I have a feeling it is going to start popping up in more of my products.

Next up, I finished this Duck Dynasty 5 piece task card addition set.   It took a little longer that I had hoped, but my class was able to use it as a review last week.   We love Duck Dynasty in my class, but that is probably because we live in Louisiana and they do not live that far from us.

I also finished this polka dot paper set.  Ever single digital piece of paper in this set has a distressed appearance.  It seems like it doesn't matter how many designs you come up with, polka dots, chevron and solids are always the most popular.

Now for your freebie -  just click on this image to visit my TpT shop and download this 10 piece solid set.  However, it is not just a plain ole' solid.  They all have a card stock texture with a slight shabby whitewash applied to them.  You probably picked it up by now that I love the shabby, chic, distressed look.  If you do download, please leave feedback.  I hope you can find use for it!!!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!!


Sunday Scoop

Linking up with Teaching Trio for Sunday Scoop!!

Be sure to link up.  It is a fun, quick, and easy link.  I can't wait to read your Sunday Scoop!  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!

26 September 2014

Five for Friday

I finally put my Silhouette Cameo cutter that I received for my birthday to good use!   I found these Halloween buckets at Michaels {they are purple with black chevron going around them} for $1.99.  I used my cutter to cut a Vine Monogram of my girl's initials out of vinyl. And ta-da you have a cute trick-or-treat bucket.  Then I took ribbon and tied it all around the handle.   I think they turned out pretty cute for my first time!

I finished up this task card/scoot 5 piece set!   I love Duck Dynasty {probably because I live in Louisiana} and so does my class.  So I know they will have fun with this just for the simple fact it has the characters Duck Dynasty Characters on it!!!

It was Super Hero Day at my girl's school! Thank goodness for the boy section at Old Navy.  We found the shirts and girly them up.  Then I printed out mask from the internet on colored card stock and sprinkled a little glitter and glue around the edges.  I think it is not to shabby for pieces thrown together on a short notice!!!

In my class we did a fall writing.  We used the freebie template from Wild about Firsties!  They are suppose to be acorns, although some of them look like hamburgers.

Have a great weekend!  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek.  I {heart} comments and followers!!


14 September 2014

A Peek at Our Busy Week

We have really been busy in our class these past few weeks.   I thought I would share with some of the things going on in Room 201!!!

We have really been reviewing over addition strategies.  We have talked about adding with 0, 1, & 2, doubles, doubles plus 1, making a 10, adding 3 or more numbers, and etc…

This was a doubles game that we played in class.  It is from Scholastic's book of Math Games!  The kids take a doubles fact card, solve the problem, and then move that many spaces.  Whoever gets to the finish line first wins the game.   I love math games like this … simple, quick, and to the point!

This is the game in action!

We also discussed adding with 10!  This came in hand when we moved on to adding 3 or more numbers together, because we talked about if you can find a 10 or a double it will make solving the problem easier.   This "Add Ten" wheel that is glued into their notebook is from, Blair Turner's Interactive Math Notebook Set!  I love this set from her, because she covers all the components of Common Core.   

How do you use interactive notebooks?  I do a mixture!  For example, in this notebook we glue items {like the one pictured above}, but we also do regular work or take notes in our notebooks as well. 

Next in math we are on to subtraction strategies!!!

In ELA we have been working on identifying types of sentences.

I have used several review printables from my own set!!! These make great practice.  I had to come up with extra stuff for grammar, because I felt like that was the one area my reading series did not have enough resources. So that is how Grammar Printables was born.  I have designed a few sets.  This particular one covers sentence structure.   

We completed a "How to Writing".  Our topic was, "How to Make a S'more".  This topic fit perfectly with writing Tab-Its, from Simply Skilled in Second!  I purchased this product during the Back to School sale and this was my first chance to get to use it.  I  must say I really liked it!   

Before starting a paragraph I usually have the students to brainstorm their ideas or put them down on some type of graphic organizer.  This is how I chose to use the Tab-Its.  We used it as a form of a graphic organizer, before writing our sloppy copy {rough draft}!!  Do any of you call the rough draft and sloppy copy??  After proofreading the rough draft we then write our final copy.  The picture above shows a bit of the process we used to get to the finished product!

Last, in Social Living we have been talking about space.  We have learned that the Sun is the center of  our galaxy and that all the objects in our galaxy orbit the Sun!  We made a space banner, which the kiddos loved doing.  We have to pull ourselves for science and social studies in second grade.  We really don't have text books or guides to go by.  We are given a sheet of paper that tells the teacher which topics that need to be covered and you just make sure that you cover them.  How you chose to teach those topics in science/social studies is up to you.  Most of us try to bring it in with our Reading.  If our story is about space, then we discuss space.   If our story is about the desert, then we cover landforms.

Well that about wraps it up and catches you up to speed on what has been going on in Room 201!  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!  As always I {heart} comments and followers!


12 September 2014

Five for Friday

This week I attended an after school workshop training for Landmark.  Landmark is an organizing and strategies writing tool that our Parish adopted this year.  There is so much involved in it, so I see more workshops in my near future.  Don't you love our photo bomber in the back … LOL!!   What I notice is how tired we all look after school!!!

This past weekend the girls, my mom, and I spent the weekend in Dallas, Texas.  My oldest had a dance performance at Six Flags.  We spent the day at the theme park … and let me tell you, it was some kind of hot!!! Then went shopped, made a trip to the American Girl Doll store, and ice skated at the Galleria Mall.  It was a fun little girls getaway!

I had a sweet parent come buy with a bag full of treats for me to use in the class.  There was actually more than what is pictured.  I am so thankful for awesome parents.  I love when you get little surprises like this for your class.  It just makes my day!

I love this song and I really like this version!  Jimmy Fallon and The Roots sing back up to Megan Trainor's, "All About that Bass" while playing classroom/kid instruments!!  I think they do an excellent job on this version!!

I must say that I am lovin' the new fall picks from Jamberry!   Although some are a little daring for me I do like the bold deep solids and sparkles, and of course all the chevrons.  I am going to be adding some of these to my list in the near future.  If you have never tried Jamberry you should.  I love to wear them, especially on my toes.   I don't wear them so much on my fingers, because I am a picker/biter {sad but true}.  But a girl has to have great looking toes at all times, especially when she can't afford to get a pedicure every other week.  If you want to check out more styles visit:  jamieknefely.jamberrynails.net!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!  I hope you have a great weekend.  As always I {heart comments and followers}!


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