25 February 2015

A New Product on a Snow Day

We are on SNOW day number 3.  Actually the first two days were just that yucky ice stuff that cause chaos in the south.  {I know my northern friends have a big chuckle when they see all of us southerns in complete chaos with ice}!!!  However, today it actually snowed, I mean REAL FLUFFY snow!  I haven't seen snowflakes this size in Louisiana in probably five years!  We actually have enough snow the we could even build a snowman.  Believe me folks, that is almost unheard of down here!  So of course we have been playing in it all morning, because who knows when the next chance will come back around.

But since I have been off for three days, I did mange to get my ready to go subtraction printable bundle set complete.  It is ready just in time for today's big sale!!   I have already completed the addition set, now the basic subtraction set it completed too!   I may as well get something accomplished, because it is not going to be housework with all these kiddos running in and out of the house.  Be sure to stop by and check it out in my TpT store!

And of course ...  you are all heroes in my eyes!!!

Now I am back off to enjoy the rest of my snow day, because I am almost certain it is back to the grind tomorrow!!  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!


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  1. I'm a southern girl so I can relate with this post! We got fluffy snow today. I loved being able to get pics of my boys in the snow.
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