01 July 2015

July Currently and My Favorite Quote

Why do summers fly by so fast?  It is already July - say it isn't so!  I go back to school in almost a month {I am not ready yet}.   However, I am lovin' this soccer background that Farley used for her Currently.  My youngest daughter just started playing soccer this past spring and loved it, as she was good too!  We have watched a few games.  She keeps asking me all the questions about soccer, and I have know clue what to tell her.  I have never played soccer.  I don't even know all the rules, much less what you call all the moves.

Listening:  Everyone is still asleep in the house, except for me.  Which is unusual, but we stayed up late last night.  It is so quite right now.  What is the saying, oh yeah, "SILENCE IS GOLDEN"!

Loving:  I am loving my summer break.  When I saw this currently today it reminded me that I only had about one good month left.   We start back on August 5th.

Thinking:  So, since the currently reminded me that I only have one month left, it got me to thinking:  I really haven't accomplished much.   You know how you have all these things to do on your list during summer break?  Yeah, I haven't really scratched that many off my list.  

Wanting:  So, I am going to try and make a point to get more things done in the next few weeks!  I really want to have a garage sale.   My mom and I have said we were going to have one, but have yet to do it.  I kind of been pulling things out here and there, but I really need to get it together.

Needing:  I did get one of my daughters closets cleaned out {I did accomplish one thing}.  I still need to do my oldest and mine.  Every summer I clean out our closets.  I get rid of clothes that no longer fit.  I really have to do this with the girls, because if not we would be overrun with clothes, uniforms, dance outfits, shoes - well you get the idea!

All Star:  I am very good at remaining calm.   My family jokes about it all the time.  My team members at work have made comments about it.  Even my students have taken notice.  It takes a lot for me to lose my patience.   When I say a lot, I mean a lot.  But when my patience are officially gone, then I can lose my calm.   I try not to let myself get to worked up over things I can't control.   

I Heart Grade 3 is also having a linky party.  Monica has weekly topic every week.  This week is your favorite quote.   This was really hard to choose.  There are so many, that I love.  Oh, and bible verses to live by everyday {those can count as quotes too, right?}!  I could list so many of those.  I went to my Pinterest board and after scouring through quotes, I found one that I love.   I think it speaks for itself and it something we can all strive for!

Do you have a favorite quote?  I would love to hear about it.   Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek.  I {heart} comments and followers!


  1. I am NOT always great at remaining calm. That's an admirable trait!! Don't worry about not crossing much off of you list yet; Relaxation and recharging are important too! :)

    School and the City

  2. You go back Aug 5th, yikes! We actually just finished school on Friday. We don't go back until Sept 8th. That's Upstate NY for you!
    Soccer is the best! So glad your daughter is getting into it.
    Colleen :-)
    Fun and Fearless in First

  3. Hi again, Jamie!

    So glad to have you back for another week of linking up and blogging! Great quote! It is exactly what I needed to read today!

    Thanks again,




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