16 August 2015

Teachers Get Back to School Jitters Too

{The Knefely Girls First Day of School}

I did it! I survived the first week of school.   Isn't it funny how it literally takes your body a few weeks to adjust?  My feet and lower back were so sore this past week.   The way I ached, you would have thought I had been off for 6 months instead of just 2.   The saying, "There is no tired like teacher tired" is so TRUE!

Even though I am sad to see my summer come to an end, I am excited to start a new school year. Do you get excited about the first week of school too?   The night before the first day of school my daughter told me she was nervous.  I told her even teachers get nervous too.  That is so very true, at least for me.   Even after 15 years, I still find that I get first day jitters too.   I think it is the excitement of meeting my new class.  The worrying and wondering if I have everything ready and prepared.   Oh, but when I arrive that first day my nerves quickly settle and it turns to excitement.  I love the way the clean halls smell, how the shiny floors look, all the kids are clean cut and ready to go.   I love how most of the children are even excited to be back at school.  I love the way new school supplies look with no rips or tears, knowing this want last.   Yes, even though I am sad to see my summer come to an end, I am excited for a new year.

Every year I wonder which kids will touch my heart and which will make me want to pull my hair out {yes, they touch my heart too, but still make me want to pull my hair out} ;))!  I wonder if I will be as successful as I was the year before and I wonder what changes I can make to myself to become a better teacher.   I wonder if I can try to find a balance between school and home, wanting so much not to neglect either too much.   Oh, the pressures of being a teacher, mother, and wife.  I pray that I can find a balance between both and find a way to juggle it all.  Somehow in the end it usually all works out.  Isn't funny how things have a way of doing that?  When you at least expect it, life just works itself out!  I know my friends, that many of you feel and wonder the same things too.  So, I will leave you with one of my favorite bible verses that can give ANYONE encouragement:

I hope all of you have a fantastic year!  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek.  


15 August 2015

Oh Snap, It's Almost September!

Hey friends, I am linking up with Teacher Deals and Dollar Steals for their, "Oh Snap, It's Almost September!"  This is a great link up where you can score really great products,  perfect for the month of September at a really great price.

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First up you can catch my recently added Johnny Appleseed for Big Kids pack on sale!  Who doesn't love to learn about good ole' Johnny?  Even upper elementary kids love to learn about Johnny too!  I decided to create this set, when I couldn't find something geared for upper elementary.   This set would be perfect for grades 2-5.  Be sure to check it out!  You can grab it right now for 1/2 off!


Next up is my print and go basic addition and subtraction sets!   I know in second grade we start right off practicing strategies for basic addition and subtraction and both of these sets would be perfect for the extra practice, homework, small group, or however you see fit!  Both of these are 1/2 off too!!

Be sure to check out all the other deals at Teacher Deals and Dollar Steals!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!  I {heart} comments and followers!


10 August 2015

Monday Made It

I finally have some things to show on Tara's Monday Made It!  I am back at work, but I wanted to be sure to get some of my DIY projects up on my blog!  Be sure to link up.  I am always amazed by some of the awesome ideas that teachers post.

My first Monday made it is painted Mason jars.  Since the jars are glass and have a tendency to chip paint easily I primed them first.  This added a little extra time to the process, but was worth it.  By priming glass before you paint it, it will seal the color on better.  

Before I glued the ribbon I did give each jar a quick spray of clear sealant.  I knew these were going in my classroom and  I didn't want paint chipping off when little hands touched.

I put flowers in a few of the jars and placed sporadically around the room.  I also used one of the jars on my desk to hold pen/pencils.

Right before I started back to work, I was busy making labels for my classroom.  This year I changed my classroom theme, so I am relabeling everything.  I like to have things labeled in a classroom not only for organization purposes, but for reading print for the children as well.  All of these tags are from my Teal, Gray, and Black Editable Classroom Decor Collection!  Do you follow me on TpT?  If not be sure to follow my store to catch all my freebies and new products.  I have several editable classroom sets.

Ok, so maybe this is a little over the top for some, but I can't help it!  I must confess I love anything that has monogramming.  I also think I have spread my obsession to my daughters:)!  My daughter asked to me monogram her pencil pouch and binder with vinyl {of course I was happy to oblige}.  It turned out so cute!  Then when my youngest saw it, she wanted some of her supplies monogrammed too!  I think it turned out pretty darn cute if I do say so myself! Before you remind me, yes, I know names begin with a capital letter.  But I just like how the lowercase letters look when blown up to a large size.  The font I used is KG Shake It off Chunky.  What did we do before Silhouettes and Cricuts?  I have a Silhouette and love it!  Do you use a Silhouette?

Be sure to join in on the fun and share your Monday Made It projects.  Have a great week and thanks for stopping by and taking a peek.


02 August 2015

Currently, Together We Are Better, & Assess Me

 Whew, it is August already!  Where has my Summer gone??  I head back next week.  When do you go back school?   It feels like Summer Break flew by.

Most of my Currentlys are self explanatory.  But I do need to comment on my "loving".  I sleep in so long this morning.  I even missed church {I feel bad about that part}!  But I could not for some reason wake up.  My kids usually have me up by 7:00.  Of course we lounge around in our pj's for a while, but this morning I slept.  And it felt AWESOME.  I told the hubs, I must have really been tired because I haven't sleep in that late for a long time.  Watch, my luck I will be up all night - ha!

For my random act of kindness, I am going to try and pay people I love and work with meaningful compliments.  I know that a kind word can always brighten someones day!

If you haven't already be sure to join in on Farley's link up {I am a day late to the party}!

Have you check in with the Tattooed Teacher for her Assess Me Party!  We are on week #2!

Be sure to join in on the fun.  It is always fun to read what other teachers like!

Now up for Angie and Ashley's #2getherwearebetter link up.  This months topic is bulletin boards.  I know I have seen some really awesome bulletin boards out there.  With Pinterest you can now find any theme and idea and just run with it.  I only have 2 boards in my room.  Here is a picture of my favorite board.

The reason why I like this board is because it more of an interactive board.  We use it keep up with our Fast Facts. The kids will add their names to the board, and as they move a level on the addition/subtraction timed test their names moves down as well.  The kids are constantly checking this board once we start our fast facts.  They are always curious to see where their name is on the board.  I also split the board in half.  The other half is used to hold our behavior chart and name cards with sticks.  

As far as decorating a board, I like to double up on boarders.  All of my boards have two layers of borders.  I even put two layers around my white board.   I added tissue flowers in my new color scheme to help accent the board!   I will have more pictures to come when I reveal my class and let me warn you I changed everything up!

I can't wait to see how everybody is using their bullentin boards.  Be sure to join in on the fun!

Also don't forget that Monday and Tuesday are the big #BTS2015 sale for TpT.  Are you following my TpT store?  Be sure you are so you can always see when new products are posted and want miss out on any of the fun!  

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!  I {heart} comments and followers!


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