27 September 2015

Creating and Learning

Fall is officially here, and guess what?  We are still sweating and burning up in Louisiana.  Are you feeling cooler temperatures?  I hope so! Hopefully the cooler temperatures are not to far behind with the season change.  Even though I am still kickin' it in shorts and flip flops,  I am getting ready for the season.  I just uploaded my newest Fall Fluency Set for Advanced Readers.  It has 8 nonfiction fall related text.  If you follow my blog, you know I started using my regular fluency set in the middle of last year and I absolutely loved it.   So, I decided to bring in some seasonal nonfiction.  This year my kids are right on track with reading and comprehension, so this advanced set fits our needs perfectly.  Be sure to check it out.  

This past week was Unit 1 Benchmark testing week for us!  I don't know about you, but I actually like benchmark testing week.  Of course, I don't like giving the long reading benchmark test, but I do like that it breaks the monotony of our regular routine.  We also have time to do a few other fun things that sometimes get put on the back burner.  This past week, we were all about art.  We learned about the artist Ted Harrison.  Then we painted our own version of a Ted Harrison Landscape.  They turned out pretty awesome I think {thanks Whimsy Workshop for the great idea}!

Next, we back tracked and did a directed drawing of Mudge {thanks Amy Lemons for the easy to follow directions}.  In Unit 1 we read "Henry and Mudge, The Starry Night".  These drawings turned out pretty awesome too!  

Friday has officially became math review day for me.  I have several students that are not in class all day, due to being out for AIM.  I hate to start a new math lesson when a lot of kids are out, so I have made Friday a day that we usually play some sort of math game.   This week we reviewed over our basic facts by playing Connect Four and Cover Up.  Although in math we are on 2-digit with regrouping, it never hurts to review over basic facts for fluency.  

Also, something exciting that has happened for our class - We got our first project funded through Donor's Choose!  The kids were so excited.  This is a pic of a group listening to a story on the app EPIC.  The iPad could not have come at a better time.   Some of our student computers have been out, so it has worked out having an extra piece of technology in our class.   

Have you heard of the app Epic?   If not be sure to check it out.  It is a book app.  There are so many books on the site and many of them are AR.  Plus, what I like is that a lot of the titles have the option to read aloud.  The best part is it free!  Be sure to check it out.

Have any of you signed up for Limeades for Learning?  Did you list a project too?  I now have listed a second iPad on Donor's Choose through Limeades for Learning.  If any of you could spare about 2-3 minutes, tomorrow or any time next week, I would so appreciate if you would stop by and give me a vote.  Just visit Limeades for Learning, log in with an email, and vote for a project.  The projects with the most votes will be funded by Sonic's Limeades for Learning.  The name of my project is iPad for Interactive Learning, Part Two.

Well that is what we have been up to in Room 202.  Thanks for stopping by and taking peek.  Have a great week.



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