27 November 2015

Five for Friday

Oh, how I have been so busy!  A little life has been taking over and this ole' blog of mine hasn't been getting as much attention as it needs.    We have been super busy in my classroom, working hard!   We will be even more so in the next few weeks with the holidays upon us.  On the home front it is just a busy.  I am convinced with all the driving around I do, I could run a taxi service.  On to my Five for Friday.   I am going to use this a way to catch you up on some of the things going or working on!

I was determined to have this product finished and I did it!  I have my Winter Fluency Set up in my store and ready to go.   And it is just in time for the big cyber sale on Monday and Tuesday.  My fluency sets have been a big hit this year!   I plan on adding a spring and summer set, but it is a work as you go project!   I actually use these passages with my own class and they have worked out great.   Be sure to click on the pictures to check it out!

My oldest daughter and I just returned from a trip from NYC and Washington, D.C.   We went on the trip with her middle school.   It was really fun and we got to see a ton of awesome sites!  I really want to go back.  I told my mom to start saving her money, because I see a future girl trip with her, my two girls, and I.   I loved all history that could be found in Washington, D.C.  And let's face it, what is there not to love about NYC.   However, we were happy to get back home.  As much as I loved visiting these places, there is no place like home!

Right before getting out for Thanksgiving break, my class and I were busy working on Thanksgiving writings.  I really have a great group of writers this year.   They are able to produce some creative writings.

We completed a cute directed drawing for Thanksgiving.  The instructions were from Doodle Bug Teaching.  This set of drawing are some of my faves so far!

We made the local news paper!  Not a big deal to some, but the kiddos will think it is the best thing since slice bread!   Every year you can submit what your class is thankful for and a picture.  So, I sent in a picture and we were selected!  Then all of our class along with others listed what the kids were thankful for this season.  Click on the picture to view the link.  Many of the things the kids are thankful for are really sweet and meaningful.

That about wraps it up for me!  If you are out Black Friday shopping, I hope you score some awesome deals.   Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek.



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