28 December 2015

10 Things You will Love, Want, or Can Do in 2016 - My Top Ten List of "Things to Love in the New Year"

So, with the holidays behind me, I got to thinking what are some things I will love or try in the upcoming year for 2016.  I started thinking about things that have recently caught my eye or I have thought about doing in my own life, or just things that make me feel good.  I decided to make my own top ten list of things to love in the New Year.  This is not a list of New Year's resolutions, it just a list of ten things you may want to try out in the New Year.  Some are material things, while others are things to try and love in your own life.  When I told the hubs about this blog post I got the, are you serious look.  Then he replied, "Why are you counting it down from ten?"  "Who do you think you are, David Letterman?"  Yes, indeed I do :))! Just kidding, but in true David Letterman style let the count down begin!

Ok, everyone loves to start their New Year's off with healthy resolutions!  So, number ten on my Things to Love in 2016 is New Balance shoes.  And I must admit, seeing the cuteness of New Balance shoes, even has me wanting to jump on board with the lose weight resolution train.   They even came out with a line just designed for JCrew  and I promise is worth looking at, especially if you have kiddos.  New Balance shoes have not always been one of my faves, but their new styles and colors have changed my mind, left me wanting to buy more, and maybe just maybe even hit the pavement!

The next thing on my list is tassel jewelry!   The hubs and girls bought this really cute necklace from Noonday Collection that has a tassel on it and I immediately fell in love with it!   I have to get off subject and just brag about Noonday.  It is an awesome place to shop for really cute jewelry, while helping impoverished women around the world.  So, what is not love about that.  Plus this hits my #9 and #7 on my list.  I get to look cute and help others :))!  Tassel jewelry looks great dressed up or down, with  a sweater or t-shirt!  I like that it has a fun look to it.  What is not to love about that?

Who does not love to save a penny?  Who does not love to shop and earn rewards that are cash back?   I know I do!  So, in honor of saving money one of the things I definitely will love in 2016 is money saving apps or websites that earn you rewards.  Since I did a big chunk of my Christmas shopping online this year, I decided to sign up for Ebates.  I thought why not, what do I have to lose.  Well, apparently not anything because the site is totally legit.  I earned my first payoff  just last week.   They sent me a $20 check just for shopping through their site.  Actually the amount was $20.68, but who is counting right ;))! Your right, it is not that much but it is twenty bucks I did not have.  And I earned it for buying stuff that I was going to buy anyways (I had to cross gifts off my Christmas list).  It only takes about 3 minutes to sign up!   While I am telling you about Ebates let me add to the list some of my favorite apps to earn rewards!  Just for the record I have used all of these apps and they all work!

Shopkicks - you earn kicks/points just for walking in the store!  You can earn extra points if you scan certain items in the store (I usually let my kids do this.  It is like a scavenger hunt for them).  You can redeem your points for gift cards to some of your favorite stores.

Ibotta - earn cash back for groceries, clothes, restaurants, etc...   You just scan your products and receipt once your home and a few days later the money is in your account.   You can redeem when ready.

Checkout 51 - This is an awesome app for groceries.  Just scan your receipt and earn cash back if any of your items qualify.

Walmart Savings Catcher - Scan your  Walmart receipt and it will search to see if there is a better price at other stores.  If it finds a better price then it will refund you the difference.  You let the differences accumulate until you are ready to cash out for a gift card to Walmart.

Target Cartwheel - I love Target!  So why not use their Cartwheel App to earn extra discounts while shopping.   

No, you will not get rich off of these apps/websites.  But it does beat cutting coupons and storing them in your purse.   Plus many of the receipts you have can be scanned in several apps, therefore scoring you extra savings. 

Number seven on my list is your time, effort, or charity.  If your a teacher and reading this, then I would say we have time and effort down.  But when I started writing this blog post, it got me to thinking besides material things or current events what is something that I could love in 2016 that would also benefit others.  I decided it is my time, effort, or charity.  So, I am officially declaring the thing to do/love in 2016 is to donate to a charity with your time or a small monetary value.  It does not require much, but it could sure make a difference in someone else's life.  Plus it is statistically proven that when we help others it makes us feel better too!  Looks like it is a win, win situation!  One charity I love to support is St. Jude's Children's Hospital.  This place was a saving grace in my own family.   Several years ago my young cousin was diagnosed with cancer and this hospital was literally a God send!  So, if you don't have an idea or place in mind I would suggest St. Jude's!

A fashionista I am not!  But I am declaring my number sixth thing to love is anything plaid!  Plaid seems to be everywhere you look.  With all the cold air, why not bundle up in a cute plaid scarf.  Throw it around your neck or for that matter your whole body.  It looks really cute no matter how you wear it!  And if your like me add your monogram on it and  then your all set.  I know what some of your are thinking, but spring is just around the corner.  That is ok, because for spring and summer just use lighter pastel color of plaids.  A button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a pair of khakis with sandals, and you have a comfortable cute outfit for work.  I have love seeing all the plaid in department stores.  I love that they are even making it for my young kiddos to wear too.

Number five on my list is mail order subscriptions.  I know this is not new to many of you, but it is new for me to love in the New Year!  I am going to try my first mail subscription, but I must confess it not actually for me.  I ordered it for my girls for Christmas and it set to start arriving in January.  It is the Posh Pak.  The Posh Pak is a monthly mail subscription that arrives for girls that is geared toward their age.  It will have a few products for them to tryout.  It can range from lip gloss to socks.  I must admit I am a little curious to see what comes in the box every month.  My sister-in-law swears by her monthly subscriptions to Birchbox.   I have noticed you can get just about anything mailed to your house these days, from clothes to even a mail subscription for your dog.  Now, that is what I call convenience!

Number four on my list of Things to Love in the New Year is bringing vintage finds back to life with a modern twist.   This is really great for anybody who is a DIY'er.  I have a friend who can find anything that is old (and most of us would agree that it belongs in the trash) and can restore it to look so cool and chic.  Although I am a self proclaimed crafter, I do have my limits.  Sometimes it needs to be left to the professionals.  One of my favorite places to find vintage finds that look really neat is Huckleberry Vintage on Etsy.   If you have not checked out their little corner on Etsy, then it is a must!  I just love their jewelry boxes they upcycle!

If you love to DIY then here are a few images that may inspire you!

{Beyond the Picket Fence Blogspot -Visit for more great ideas!}

Number three on my list is inspirational quotes.   Now, I know these are not anything new and Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook are loaded with these on a daily basis.  But I love how when you need a "Pick Me Up" or just a smile on your face, inspirational quotes seem to do the job.  So, go ahead and indulge in the guilty pleasure of reading them and pinning them to your board.  They are worth it (no matter what the quote haters of the world say)!  What is not to love about a little inspiration?  And just for good measure here is a few of mine.  This is my mom's favorite quote:

This is one of mine I like to read when worrying sets in:

A quote to share and discuss with our youth:

Number two on my Things to Love in 2016 is the Presidential Debates/Election.  That's right folks, it does not matter if you are a Republican or Democrat this is the year to watch the debates/election unfold.   If you are like me you may have already been tuning in for early seats to the debates and of course all the latest on the Trump vs. Clinton showdown!  Get ready, the gloves are coming off, and I have a feeling not anything will be held back in the he said she said department.  However, it will all come down to the American people on November 8, 2016 of deciding who will get to run this great country our ours!  

Number one on my list of Things to Love in 2016 -  the three F's - FAITH, FAMILY, & FRIENDS!  Let's face it, where would we be without these things!   I would say that these are the three most important things in my life.  They get me through the good, bad, pretty, and ugly.   I hope they are the things on top of your "Things to Love in 2016" too! Here is a peek at a few of my favorite peeps.

Well that is about it!  I hope maybe my list inspired you to try something new or even create your own Top Ten Things to Love in 2016.  In fact I would love to hear from you.  If you have a neat product you discovered or an idea that you want to share, please do.  We could all use a little inspiration in 2016, whether it in the personal department or fashion sense. Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek.  I hope to hear from you!

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