01 January 2016

Currently in the New Year

Well it is officially 2016!  Happy New Year!  I hope your New Year brings you happiness.  It is time to link up with Farley for her monthly "Currently"!

Listening:  My family and I are piled up in the bed watching movies.  The current selection, a family favorite Castaway.

Loving:  The first week of my Christmas Break was very busy.  I have enjoyed my second week.  It has been much more relaxing. I have loved getting to spend quality time with my family.

Thinking:  This leads me to thinking, I don't want my Christmas Break to be over just yet.  It seems just when I am starting relax, break is almost over.

Wanting:  I have been craving a good bowl of homemade vegetable soup.  I see that being cooked sometime this weekend.  With all this cold weather, it is the perfect meal.

Needing:  When I was putting up all my Christmas decorations, I realized that my attic needs a major overhaul.  I need to get in the attic and restack the boxes and organize.  The past few holidays I have just chunked stuff back up there.

One Little Word:  Contentment - That is what I feel right now.  I feel satisfied with how everything is right now, so this is a perfect word for me.  I hope it continues in the New Year!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!  Happy New Year!

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