23 March 2016

Giveaway Winners Announced

Our collaboration giveaway on our Density Unit  is over!   Congratulations to the winners below.  Check your emails, your product should be arriving soon!   Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter.  Kelly from Mrs. Avery's Island and I appreciate the support so much.

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11 March 2016

Five for Friday and A Giveaway

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!   

Right now I currently have a giveaway going on to win a copy of our brand new collaboration unit, Density:  Will it Sink or Float?  Be sure to enter below.   Then, hop on over to Mrs. Avery's Island blog for another chance to win with a Pin it to Win it Giveaway!  You don't want to miss out this unit is fully loaded with experiments, vocabulary, assessment, exit tickets, scoot game, and much more.

I am sure many of you have heard about all the flooding my state has had this past few days.  We have even been out of school the past three days, because so many are affected by this.  Many homes have been lost, or neighborhoods are being evacuated, roads are washed out all over the place.  It is crazy!  While my house is ok, many of my co-workers and friends homes are not.  Please keep our community in your thoughts and prayers, more rain is expected.

Leprechaun traps are in full swing.   We have been designing and coming up with awesome leprechaun traps.  If you are wanting a fun STEM activity, leprechaun traps are perfect.   Not only are they thematic with the holiday, but they involve planning, designing, questioning, and building (engineering).  My class has had so much fun working on this project.  I wish I had a picture to post, but with us being out of school I was unable to take any pics.  Check back for more pictures to come!!!

At my school we use a program called Core Concepts.   I am so proud of my kiddos.  They are rocking this program.  It probably helped that the administration decided to give a field trip to the movies for any student who made straight 100's on all curriculum levels!  As soon as my class heard about this award they were all over it, earning 100's left and right.   If they have a score below 100, then they are going back and trying again.  Currently I have eight students that will get the movie reward, with more on the way.  I promise you this is not  a small feat, it is very time consuming and some of the test can be tricky.

We have been all about St. Patrick's Day in my class.  Even my small groups and rotations have involved St. Patrick themes.   We have been busy writing limericks, learning about Ireland, and who was the real St. Patrick.  Did you know that Ireland does not have any native snakes to its land?   Actually, I already knew this, but this little fact has fascinated by kiddos!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!  I hope you had a great week and an awesome weekend!


06 March 2016

New Product Giveaway

I haven't hosted a giveaway in a long time and what better time than now to introduce a new product!

Kelly Avery from Mrs. Avery's Island and I decided to collaborate and start developing Science Units. After much thought about what we wanted our units to be called we decided on Simply Southern Science.  We recently uploaded our first set.  It is a unit that covers Density.   Let me tell you, this unit is jammed packed with goodies.  

If I was recommending this unit, I would suggest it for second grade - sixth grade.  I know this is a wide range, but the unit is designed that it could be taught with younger and older kids and adjusted with any rigorous teaching.  We have included experiments such as, The Density Tower, STEM Challenge:  Build a Floating Raft, and a Coke/Diet Coke:  Which will float?.  Any of the experiments could be done as whole class or groups. We even give you our suggestions and weekly lesson plan layout for teaching this unit.

What else does it have besides experiments?  It is packed with vocabulary, a vocabulary foldable, a differentiated activity using the computer, lesson extension ideas, scoot game, assessment, exit tickets, links to learning videos and literature sources, teacher guides, and much more.

We started off with density, because it is a hard topic to understand.  Also, density products are not in abundant amounts.   We both needed something that we could use with our own class.  We are currently working on our second unit and will be adding more soon.

We are sure that you will love this product, we wanted to let two lucky winners have a chance to grab a copy of this product.  Be sure to follow along for freebies and more chances to win!!!  Also, be sure to share with your colleagues and fellow bloggers, so they can have a chance to win too! I will announce the winners, once the giveaway is over.  Mrs. Avery's Island is also hosting a giveaway with more chances to win this product.  Hop on over to her blog for a chance to Pin it to Win it Giveway!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!  Good luck!  I {heart} comments and followers!


01 March 2016

Currently March

I am so, so late to catching a glimpse of Farley's awesome new blog makeover {I love the deer}!  I missed February link up, in fact I missed most things in the blog world in February.   We have been so busy with life - the struggle is real!!!  I am so glad to be linking up for  Currently March and I love the election day image!

I am currently listening to the T.V. in the background. I don't know if you would really call it listening, it is mostly just background noise. But the news is on and they are covering Super Tuesday. I will have to tune later for the final results.

That it is finally March!  The past week has been really warm here, so I hope it stays that way.   I am ready for spring.  I am also ready for the time change.  I always love when the time change in the Spring, because I feel like I get more outside time {for me and my kiddos}!

I have really been neglecting this little ole' blog of mine!  I need to put my blogging skills to better use.

I want my Tieks I ordered to arrive.   It is the time of year where it is warm enough that I don't want to wear boots everyday, but not quite warm enough for sandals.  I finally gave in an ordered a pair of Tieks {maybe against my better judgement}.  I stuck to basic matte black, because I figured they could go with anything.

I need to get a blog post up about my new collaboration TpT project and offer a giveaway.   My friend Kelly at Mrs. Avery's Island {and fellow TpT seller} and I teamed up to start working on a collaboration project.   We are currently working on science units.   We just recently uploaded our first unit on Density.  We even have a name for our units,  Simply Southern Science {#simplysouthernscience}!  We have so many ideas for future units to come.  I am planning on having a giveaway for this new unit, so be sure to check back later this week.  You will definitely want to try and win this first unit.  It is jammed pack with teacher guides, experiments, vocabulary, and much more!

Polling Site:
My school is a polling site, but not today!  The state of Louisiana does not vote in the Super Tuesday group.  We vote on Saturday!  But we have had elections in the past, and I have seen it go both ways. We have stayed open for some elections, but for others we were closed.   If I remember right, in the last presidential election we were closed.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!  I hope the rest of your week is fabulous!  I {heart} new followers and comments!!!


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