28 July 2017

Supply Caddies: DIY Simple Project

Do you use caddies to help organize your students supplies or to place in the center of a group?   I know a lot of teachers use caddies for various reasons in their classroom.  I wanted to try them out this year, but I could never find the color I needed.   My classroom theme is currently in black and white polka dots with teal.  So, I was in need of solid black caddies.  Sounds simple enough right?  Well, I could not find black caddies anywhere.  I found  a lot of bright or primary colors, but not just a simple black.  The closest thing I found was giant sized industrial caddy on Amazon and that was not going to work because it was way to big.

So, I decided to use Sonic's drink holders and make my own.   I wasn't really sure how they would hold up, but let me tell you, once they are spray painted they are very strong.

Black Supply Caddy

This ended up being one of the most inexpensive items I have ever made for my classroom.   It calls for a limited amount of supplies.  The Sonic drink holders are free, spray paint, duct tape, and plastic cups.

Black Supply Caddy

Black Supply Caddy

First you spray paint the drink holder whatever color you wish.  It took me 2 cans of spray paint to completely coat 6 drink holders.   After you let them dry get printed duct tape or washi tape.  I used a wide Scotch washi tape to wrap around the entire holder.   I made labels on the computer and color coded them to go with my classroom theme.  Last, I tied the labels on with coordinating ribbon.  That is it, you now have a supply caddy that matches your room.  The spray paint helps the cardboard become thicker and sturdier.  The tape not only looks good, but it also acts as an additional reinforcer. I am so happy with how these turned out and I have already received a lot of comments.  I do want to mention, I use black organizers and baskets for everything.  The reason I like black is because it hides dirt/stains, it goes with everything, and you can always use tags and ribbons to coordinate with your theme no matter the color!

I hope you found and idea that you can possibly use.  I would love to hear from you.  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek.

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