16 September 2017

Digital Writing Prompts for the Classroom

Do your students complete digital activities in your classroom?  Last year was the first year that I really truly started incorporating digital activities in my classroom.  Yes, in the past we played learning games and such on computers and tablets, but what I mean is incorporating digital assignments through Google Classroom.  My parish just started using Google Classroom a few years ago, so it took me sometime to figure it out.   It actually is not that hard to use, but it was a matter of finding the time to play and learn the ins and outs.  The more I have used it the easier it has become. Now I like to give my students assignments to complete through Google Classroom.

I recently created a Digital Writing Prompt set that can be used the entire school year.   I am really excited about this because now my students can use the computers and tablets to turn in writing assignments.   I am not a 1:1 school, so I designed a set which would allow plenty of time for the class to complete the writing assignment. Plus, let's face it, sometimes it takes a few days to get through the writing process.

There is one writing prompt per week and they are grouped by months.   The prompts are generic, so they can be used for a variety of grade levels.  I recommend second through fifth grade.  What I love about this resource is you don't have to be a technology expert to implement this activity in  your classroom.  However, if you are technology savvy then this set is perfect for you too.  I am using the writing prompts during small group rotations (remember I am not a 1:1).  This way students will work on the assigned prompts throughout the week and it still ensures I have enough tablets or Chromebooks for everyone.

After you download, you will make a copy and save it in your Google Drive.  From there you can send out whichever weekly writing prompt you want to use to your students through Google Classroom.  Because you have saved it as a copy, you can go in and move the Google Slides/Writing Prompts in whichever order you choose.

I hope you see something you could use in your classroom, whether if you are old or new to implementing technology into your classroom.  I would love to hear what other ways you are incorporating technology in your class.  Drop me a comment below.   Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek.


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