12 October 2017

Teaching Math with Lego Bricks

I was recently asked by Brick Math: Using Lego™ Bricks to preview their math curriculum using their Teaching Addition manual.

I have to say I was impressed with what I saw and implemented.  Each teacher manual is thin enough to use with ease.  Brick Math also offers student workbooks to correlate with each manual.  Currently there are 6 topics to teach, with more coming in 2018.

Brick Math Series
The 6 topics currently available using Brick Math.

Naturally I wanted to start with something easy, so I chose Teaching Addition.

Using Legos to teach math - Brick Math

The teaching manual is very easy to follow.  It gives you a step by step guide on how to implement Brick Math in your classroom.   You may be wondering how would I teach this in a classroom setting.  You start by SHOWING THEM HOW.   Build the models, show them to the students, and ask questions.  The teacher manual will direct you when it is time for the students to build the same models.  Once they have mastered the modeling process you can then move to Part 2.  Part 2 has the students to show what they know.  Students complete each of the problems using bricks and drawing their models.  If using the student books that correlate with the teacher manual there is room for the students to complete their work.

Teaching Place Value with Legos

I started by teaching what each block represents.  1X1 Lego™ Brick represents the ones, 2X1 Lego™ Brick represents tens, and a 3X1 Lego™ Brick represents the hundreds.  Most students are able to grasp this concept quickly.  From this point we made numbers using Lego™Bricks.

Teaching Place Value with Legos

The last step my class and I worked on is putting the numbers together and adding!

Teaching Addition with Legos

That is it!  Students manipulate the Lego™ Bricks into numbers and practice adding.  If you still need guidance and help you can visit Brick Math website to catch some easy to follow videos!

I think this is a fun, engaging, and interactive way to teach math.  Students who learn by manipulating objects will do very well this curriculum, because it allows them to use objects they already know and love to reach their answer.  Overall I found this to be a fun math curriculum.  In my opinion it works perfectly for learners who may not be grasping a concept the traditional way and need another strategy.  I found it beneficial to use during my small group rotations.   Plus, I used what Legos™ I already had in my classroom.  

If you or your school are looking for a math curriculum to use, you can find more info on it HERE!

Teaching Addition with Legos

Brick Math is currently having a giveaway! From now until October 31st, Brick Math is holding a giveaway for brick sets designed for the program.  They are currently giving away a brick set to three winners.  The sets are worth $60 and are designed for two students to share.  Visit Brick Math Series Giveaway for a chance to enter.  They are also offering Teaching Fractions PDF version for FREE.  If you would like to sample the Teaching Addition manual, you can check it out HERE!

And to make this an even sweeter deal, Brick Math is offering to give one of my lucky followers a FREE teacher manual of their choice.  You can enter for a chance to win by clicking on the Rafflecopter.  

Feel free to share this giveaway with friends!

I would love to hear from you!  In the comments below tell me if you have ever used Brick Math before, and if so what is your favorite part about the curriculum?  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!


  1. I'm learning something new every day! So glad to hear how Legos can be used for math activities!

    1. Me too! Thanks for stopping by and entering!


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